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“He is dying, and the heir is wanted in Chechnya.”

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Ramzan Kadyrov In very serious health conditions. Indiscretion comes from Novaya Gazeta Europe, which cites funding from Moscow’s Central Hospital, Russia’s elite clinic, where the Chechen leader was treated for five years for acute pancreatic necrosis. His condition worsened in the spring of 2022, and in September 2023 he was hospitalized due to a serious lung crisis, after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

the disease

“The old leader will not be here anymore, the illness has seriously affected him. Even if he recovers now, he will not be alive or dead,” according to a close source Adam DelimkhanovHis close ally in Chechnya.

So much so that the Kremlin, coinciding with his hospitalization last September, began searching for a replacement for him as president of Chechnya, to avoid problems of instability in the region. The disease was diagnosed in January 2019. In recent years, Kadyrov has twice ceded power to the Speaker of Parliament for short periods. Last fall, rumors circulated about the health problems suffered by the Chechen president, who was said at the time to suffer from kidney disease.

Relationship with Putin

The silence on Kadyrov’s conditions may be due to the desire to maintain control over information and above all not to destabilize politics in the region. Given its central role in Chechen politics and its relationship with the Russian central government: In fact, Kadyrov has always been a great supporter of Flamedir Put it inA possible deterioration in his conditions would lead to internal tension in Chechnya and a huge power vacuum.

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