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PlayStation Studios Officially Acquires Haven, Jade Raymond Studio –

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by Twitter i Playstation Studios Formalize the new Obsession. This is Haven Studios, the new developer founded by former Ubisoft Jade Raymond After leaving the Stadia team. The studio will already be working with Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 5’s volcanic creator.

The Canadian studio and the Japanese giant had announced the acquisition in March of this year, but the bureaucratic process needed to establish this partnership is only now complete. It was kind of like love at first sight, since Raymond founded Haven at the end of 2021 and, without offering anything specific, immediately attracted the interest of a giant like Sony, always very keen on who would bring him to the team.

Thanks to Raymond’s charm, the character is always able to lead innovative projects (even if not always successful, like Stadia), but also many ancient warrior Those who followed her on this adventure are people who have worked on the likes of Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six: Siege. It’s a team of more than 100 people, focusing – based on recent appointments – on research, development and cloud technologies.

“There are people who have talked about cloud gaming but look at it from the consumer side, like: ‘Now you can play these AAA games on mobile’ or ‘Now I can create different kinds of games on one platform,’” Stadia promised, ‘Raymond a gaming industry. “But the cloud we focus on is more for game developers than anything else.”

This kind of work could just be intrigue Mark Cerny, creator of the latest PlayStation version. “And therefore [Mark Cerny] Raymond said it’s one of the main reasons we invest so much in research and development and in this team of high-level engineers. “We’re not just working on the cloud, but we’re doing research and development in the look-a-way. I can’t say much now, but that’s obviously another aspect that has attracted and impressed PlayStation. Of course Mark Cerny is a rock star, so the ability To collaborate with him is really exciting.”

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