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Fifty Shades of Black, the rituals of the heroes of the movie before filming the sex scenes

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Fifty shades of black – which airs this evening at 21.23 on Italia 1 – is the second chapter of the film adapted from the literary saga of Fifty Shades of Grey written by IL James. Epic, despite the opinion of critics and experts, was such a huge success with the audience that it became a real issue in the publishing market that also made many viewers go crazy in the cinema. So it is not surprising that the film hero, Dakota Johnson And the Jamie Dornan They became stars thanks to the interpretation of Anna and Christian.

Fifty Shades of Black Texture

Directed by James Foley It was released in theaters in 2017. Fifty shades of black It more or less starts where the previous movie left off, Fifty Shades of Grey. Anastasia “Anna” Steele (Dakota Johnson) has had to accept the fact that billionaire Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) is unable to reciprocate her feelings. Thus, the real challenge for a woman is to leave the past behind and try to forget the fiery past Connection Which she linked to a billionaire with passion bondage. Determined to get on with her life, Anna finds a job at the publishing house headed by Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), who seems to have a soft spot for the girl. Meanwhile, Christian realizes that he is nostalgic for Anastasia, and suggests revising the terms of their contract, so that they can spend time together again, in the name of passion. Jack, who is jealous of Christian for reasons beyond Anastasia’s inclinations, will find a way to take revenge on both of them for the various confrontations they have had. But on the horizon, another threat threatens the serenity of Anastasia: in reality the girl will be tormented by the ex (Bella Heathcote) Christian, leading her to think about whether it was worth staying next to a man with whom she doesn’t feel completely safe.

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The rituals of the two heroes in the sex scenes

It’s definitely not a mystery that the whole saga Fifty Shades of Grey put the sex At the heart of his narrative world. Although they are not overtly sexual films – unlike books, which are categorized in the genre instead – all the films in the saga tell the confrontation/clash of two people who want first and foremost to put themselves at the service of every desire that belongs. to the sexual sphere. In this sense, Anastasia is perceived as a woman who is “accompanied” by her sexual liberation by a more experienced and erotic man with very specific fantasies, who opens the door for the girl to a hitherto unknown world. Of course, the massive presence of related sex sceneshardcore It prompted the main actors to research and find a way to confront them, do their job and not risk feeling uncomfortable. According to what is read on the website ofInternet Movie DatabaseAnd the truly, Jamie Dornan And the Dakota Johnson They had a real ritual they went through before they had to pose in front of the camera to get clearer scenes Fifty shades of black: Some sort of ritual/incantation to help them relax before having to shoot.

According to the website, Dakota Johnson was trying to relax her nerves before a particularly intense scene from a sexual point of view by drinking a glass of whiskey. On the other hand, Jamie Dornan preferred to de-stress by doing push-ups, training the body in order to keep his mind free from thoughts that would have been disturbing when he was in front of the camera. Performed separately and individually, these two rituals converged in the habit of having long conversations between them in order to be able to decide how to film the different sex scenes after the director gave them directions. general to follow. In this way, the two actors were able to take the issue of sex to a strict action level, keeping them from feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. However, it must be emphasized that regardless of the precautions the actors took to feel comfortable during filming, all the sex scenes were done using some special “prosthetics” whose job was to cover the private parts of the actors. , so they don’t really communicate with each other.

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