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Who won the Golden Globe?

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FablemansSemi-autobiographical film by Steven Spielberg Island spirits (In English Anisherin from Inisherin), a tragicomedy by Martin McDonagh, filmed at the end of the Irish Civil War, won the most important awards at the Golden Globes, the film and television awards reserved by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, an organization that shocked it two years ago. Some scandals of corruption, which seriously damaged its credibility.

The 2022 edition was not broadcast live and was held in a private setting without celebrities in attendance, so it did not attract the attention that media and insiders have historically given it. This year, after making some changes to the voting system designed to rehabilitate the FPA’s reputation in Hollywood, it has returned to broadcasting on an NBC affiliate and on streaming platform Peacock. As is the case every year, awards were given to films and television series, both of which are divided between “drama” and “comedy or musical”.

Film Awards

Island spirits They made it to the Golden Globes as Favorite Movie: The film, about two old friends who are suddenly swept away by the final years of the Irish Civil War, has been nominated in eight categories, the most since cool mountain, in 2004. In addition to Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, it also won Best Screenplay, and Colin Farrell won Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

Everything is everywhere at oncean original science fiction film starring a Chinese immigrant family in the United States, was nominated in six categories, including Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, but actors Michelle Yaoh (Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical) and Ke Huy Quan (only won) Best Supporting Actor), who play the mother and father respectively.

Fablemansbased on Spielberg’s adolescence and early years as a director, was nominated in five categories, winning two of the biggest: Best Drama and Best Director.

Given the difference between voters (thousands of insiders at the Oscars, 100 foreign journalists at the Golden Globes) and between categories, the Golden Globes aren’t particularly indicative of who can win the Oscars, which will take place on March 12. .

TV Awards

It won them the two most important awards for the series Dragon houseprequel to game of thrones which tells of the fall of House Targaryen over a hundred and fifty years before the story was told in the original series – e Abbott Elementary, a sitcom that can be watched in Italy on the streaming platform Disney + which tells the problems of American public schools through the story of a group of teachers. However, Best Miniseries went to white lotusfrom HBO, whose second season is set in a luxury resort in Sicily.

Among the award-winning actors is Kevin Costner for the role of John Dutton, the Western series patriarch YellowstoneZendaya as Rowe, a teen with substance abuse problems revolving around her HBO drama series trance, Jeremy Allen White, star One of the most popular series of the past yearAnd The bearand Quinta Bronson, who plays one of the aforementioned teachers Abbott Elementary.

All Golden Globe winners

Best Drama: Fablemans
Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Island spirits
Best Director: Steven Spielberg Fablemans
Outstanding Drama Actor: Austin Butler Elvis
Outstanding Drama Actress: Cate Blanchett tar
Choice Movie, Comedy or Musical Actor: Colin Farrell, Island spirits
Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Michelle Yeoh, Everything everywhere at once
Best Supporting Actor: Jonathan K Kwan Everything everywhere at once
Best Supporting Actress: Angela Bassett Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Best Screenplay: Martin McDonagh, Island spirits
Best Score: Justin Horowitz, Babylon
Best Original Song: “Natu Natto” $$$$
Best animated film: Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro
Best foreign language film: Argentina, 1985

Outstanding Drama Series: Dragon house
Great comedy series: Abbott Elementary
Best miniseries: white lotus
Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series: Kevin Costner, Yellowstone
Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Zendaya, trance
Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Jeremy Allen White, The bear
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series: Quinta Bronson, Abbott Elementary
Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries: Evan Peters, destroy
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series: Amanda Seyfried leakage
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie: Paul Walter Hauser, blackbird
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie: Jennifer Coolidge, white lotus

Golden Globes, per se

Recently, a journalist from vox Alisa Wilkinson he wrote “The Golden Globes are famous because they are famous, and we watch them because they are on TV. They gained importance because they were heard a lot and discussed as if they mattered’, plus the fact that they held ahead of the Oscar nominations, thus there is a notion (not very relevant to reality) that the winners of the Golden Globe Awards influence the nominations for the Oscars.

Golden Globe for a few years They are going through a credibility crisisafter a series of investigations in 2021 by The New York Times Born in Los Angeles Times It highlighted several flaws and problems within the HFPA, the controversial foreign press association that in theory is small and fringe, but in practice has long been relevant and influential thanks to the Golden Globes’ perceived importance.

In an effort to overcome the reputational damage, the HFPA added 21 new jury members ahead of this year’s contest, drawn largely from historically underrepresented groups, and expanded the ballot to include an additional 103 non-judges. The organization also banned its members from accepting gifts from production studios and opened a toll-free number for people to report incidents.

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