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Does the banner now include Death Stranding and Kojima Productions in the crossfire? –

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Sony modified appearance Signboard promotional for PlayStation Studiosthis is the illustration that provides a kind of symbolic combination of various first-party teams, adding an image death strandwhich immediately sparked theories about the possibility Kojima Productions Both teams will be the new Japanese company.

These are small details, but given the rumors that have always surrounded Hideo Kojima and Sony, it is enough to fuel speculation about the possibility of Obsession From Kojima Productions, also because it already has precedents: Sony tweaked the same logo adding new elements when it came to announcing new acquisitions for the PlayStation Studios team.

It happened, for example, with the introduction of the image of Demon’s Souls Remake with the acquisition of BluePoint Studios or with the image of Returnal with the arrival of Housemarque, so there is enough material to feed theories about Kojima Productions and PlayStation Studios.

Playstation studios, the old banner

PlayStation Studios, the new banner
PlayStation Studios, the new banner

The change was highlighted by a user on the ResetEra forum and from there the first rumors emerged.

However, as many have pointed out, entering Death Stranding can simply represent XDev split, or a person who handles relationships with third parties for exclusive purposes. On the other hand, in recent days some insiders like Greg Miller and Jeff Grob have talked about a “huge” short-term acquisition, however, nothing has been heard, so there are those who are still waiting for any news on the question, considering that Even Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has clearly said that further acquisitions of PlayStation Studios are planned.

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