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Despite the victory, Netflix may lose Wednesday: What happens?

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What if Netflix loses on Wednesday Addams? Will the second series continue? What is behind this change?

By the time of the TV series Wednesday Streaming on Netflix, it suddenly exploded A real phenomenon of custom. The Addams family’s eldest daughter’s wild passion has captured millions of teens around the world and the Wednesday dance on Tik Tok has been re-suggested millions of times, in thousands of different sauces by legions of passionate fans.

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The news that Netflix has decided to produce a new The second series is on WednesdaySo no one was surprised. On the contrary, it was a ‘revelation’ rather than a ‘phone call’, as the end of the first series was left open, suggesting further developments to come.

The same wave of enthusiasm took off for several weeks until it could be exploited in the media.

As interest in the product waned, it was replaced by interest in the new Netflix production, The disturbing news began to spread.

Netflix loses Wednesday, which may pass to Amazon Video

Before she was a contemporary fashion phenomenon, Wednesday Addams is A character from the Addams family. This strange group of characters was created by Charles Adams About 1938.

over there Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer She bought the rights to all the characters when she decided to produce, after the success of the black and white TV series, The movie which Adams considers her heroes.

This means that Metro Goldwyn Meyer owns all rights to the Addams Family characters, Today again.

Ago Jeff Bezos bought MGM, That is, it was merged before amazon videos, Needless to say Wednesday It will not be able to stream on Netflix.

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Unlike MGM, in fact, the current owner of the rights to The Addams Family owns a streaming platform, This is Amazon Videos: Why leave all the huge profits from the series to Netflix?

Wed 2 NNT
(Source: Instagram netflix_it)

No matter what streaming platform you’re on Wednesday 2 will be distributed, one thing is for sure: The second series will be made to order And the showrunners probably wouldn’t dare change the line taken in the first season that turned the series into a worldwide success.

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