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“The Democratic Party must determine if there is room for ideas more radical than theirs.”

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Giuseppe Civati (per Bebo) Now he too is making politics through books. After leaving the Democratic Party, he founded “Possible” (who is now its secretary Beatrice Brignoni) and publishing house, PeopleIn addition to novels, he publishes political articles and a magazine (Ossigno).

My safety, so everyone on my Draghi’s agenda?
“I still have Monti’s agenda, I’m repeating. And it was exactly the same pattern: you put together an emergency government and then you turn it into a long-term political option. At least in this case, Monti was in the field, and Draghi wasn’t here either. It seems to me a difficult process. It leaves aside the fact that politics is based on consensus. The things to talk about go beyond government mandate. Among other things, we should not even force ourselves to make an instant judgment on what happened. It was all so emotional, you can’t judge the blanket by the last flap. “.

But if Draghi is a “technical government,” how can it be reused for a political agenda?
“Technical governments do not exist. The fact is that the problem of the Draghi government has been the confrontation with its majority. This peculiar habit of Italian politics of wanting to suspend politics, which then returns in worse forms. After that, the idea that certainly hovered in Draghi’s premiership, which is to be saved, must be saved. The idea of ​​a European reference indiscriminately (we know that some deny the EU like Salvini and Meloni) from indicating an authority that politics needs and also a certain rigor from the point of view of the accounts because we are in very bad shape. If the first pages of the project are those, it is useful to all democrats but The rest must be laid down by politics. It is a moment of return to detail, to basic choices. I remember that before the Draghi agenda, the social agenda was in vogue, which lasted much less and perhaps should have been added, right? It seems to me a topic that the left can exercise in these The convulsive phase, far beyond what Draghi said.”

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The wide field does not seem wider. There is already talk of a “helpful vote”. what do you think?
“The situation is hopeless. We have an obscene electoral system that makes others win, muddies the waters. Is it an alliance or an electoral alliance? It is clear that if there is a will to build a granite alliance, it is clearly unsuccessful. The Democratic Party found itself without an alliance, not only for the relationship With a 5 star movement: They are in very turbulent waters, compared to the serenity that Lita claims. It could be an electoral alliance at most, not an olive tree. Then we need to understand what the Democratic Party means. Is this really opening up a discussion with others or are you adding a number of The votes? We have to imagine something else. The right has already started, Berlusconi has replaced jobs with trees. The Democratic Party has great responsibilities. Now he has to say what the terms are, not just a useful vote, the total, Draghi’s agenda: Is there a place for those with more radical and progressive ideas? This is the question to be asked. We are compelled to hurry but it is better to think.”

Is the M5S a consumer?
“It wouldn’t have been if he wanted to avoid it, it’s all very difficult now. What no one is saying is that to bring down Draghi in the 5-star movement, there is also intolerance on the part of some of them to ally with the Democratic Party. Obviously, Conte knows that if you bring down a government It’s your main ally, that pays the price. Also because Lita has taken over the responsibility that’s been blamed. In my opinion there are no ways, most of the time. It’s going to be hard.”

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But in the “wide field” there are those who have opposite ideas, like Kalinda on nuclear energy …
“If you live it as a simple alliance, it is an internal tournament in which you can see who will win their bids. In turn, Salvini and Berlusconi would have led each other to see who got the most votes.”

And on citizenship income?
“Except for Renzi, no one wants to take it off. Now it’s a necessary tool. I’ve been talking about minimum guaranteed income for years. It obviously has to be done in the best possible way. It would be foolish to remove it. In fact, the real problem is how to achieve more.” of social justice, and what to add to it.”

Someone wants a minimum wage below the minimum set by the policy…
“The only minimum wage that can exist is the average calculated income in Germany and Spain. We’ve been talking about it for some time now. It’s like climate change: you have to face the situation head-on or not take it. I understand that even the most mediocre has to They are convinced, but this is a time for radical choices. Half the measures are futile. We must be brave. For those of us who have children, we need to think about what to offer them. It will take a long view rather than a broad coalition.”

Salvini has already started with the issue of security and immigrants, in the meantime …
“Two additional facts come to mind: social and environmental. If the rest of the world talks about these things, they are more persuasive than making money from immigration. We are in a country that is afraid for the future and poor. Those are the priorities. Then I think about citizenship law, that must be done too” .

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He is now a publisher. Are you back in politics?
The publisher continues to do so because it was not a temporary choice but a life choice. Then, if the conditions you mention exist, the small community you founded (possible, liberated) cannot move away. I have no personal ambition. I continued to do politics, even without being in Parliament.”

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