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Cameron Diaz why did you leave the cinema? burning verses

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American actress Cameron Diaz refused the offers of the millionaire so as not to return to Hollywood: the actress revealed the reasons for her choice.

In the 90s, Cameron Diaz got on the sets of Hollywood and immediately left her mark on the audience. The American actress was stunningly beautiful (she still is today) and it was enough to make a few movies to become a real-world celebrity. On the side of the murderous woman in ‘the maskShe immediately moved on to the leading role in the comedy “Everyone’s Crazy About Mary”.

His Hollywood ratings were very high and his name alone was enough to bring millions of people around the world to the cinema. In 2000 came the iconic role in Charlie’s AngelsAnd in the following years he began collaborating with major directors such as Scorzese and Spielberg. His star was on the rise and it was believed that his career could last for another 20 or 30 years.

If only he wanted, in fact, he could have lasted for so long, but Cameron Diaz In 2015 he decided to back down and not accept more parties. A decision that goes against the direction of all his colleagues and has also taken his fans by surprise. For a while, it was believed that this option could actually be associated with health issues, but she herself denied the rumors.

Cameron Diaz reasons to say goodbye to the big screen

In a recent interview withBBCCameron Diaz has explained that she decided to quit her acting job after her marriage to Benji Madden ended. The reason for this choice lies in the realization that all Hollywood fame and fame is a trap. During her working years she was a slave to this success and realized that she was in fact being taken advantage of for the sake of her image.

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In detail, the former singer explained: “I was a victim of both things and Exploiting society to which women are subject. I’ve tested it all on my own skin at certain times. It’s hard not to look at yourself and judge yourself against other indicators of beauty, and I think that’s one of the most dangerous things.”

Now that she’s off show business, Cameron feels free to be normal, spending days at home without thinking about her physical appearance or caring what people might think. The actress unashamedly admits: “But in the past eight years, I canceled everything. I became a wild animal, like Monster!And again: “I rarely wash my face, even though I have a billion personal care products.”

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