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George Clooney in talks for mystery role in MCU?

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What if George Clooney, after The Flash, is in talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This is the latest stunt that could bring the actor ever closer to another superhero universe.

There will be a new rumor George Clooney Ready to join Marvel Cinematic Universe. An interesting choice, given that not so long ago the actor resumed his appearances, albeit briefly. Batman in the lightgiving himself a cameo at the end of the film and replacing Bruce Wayne to Ben AffleckThe latest indiscretion comes from My Time to ShineHwhich would support the idea of ​​a new entry into the MCU for George Clooney.

Is George Clooney in the Marvel Universe?

Right now, this is just a rumour, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it’s not official news and should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, according to MyTimeToShineH, George Clooney is currently undergoing surgery. Negotiation To join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what role she will play is unknown. And there is certainly no shortage of hypotheses. Some fans have imagined George Clooney in the guise of an alternate Nick Fury to be included in the dynamics Multiverse And it may even appear in Avengers: Secret Wars Or in the run-up to the sixth Avengers movie. There’s also another idea that Clooney would be good in the role. Doctor of Deathand thus fit Great 4.

This wouldn’t be George Clooney’s first time in the world of superheroes. Moreover, some time ago, he played a version of Batman in Batman & Robin, and he briefly reprised the role in The Flash, directed by Andy Muschiettia DC film that didn’t exactly shine at the box office and whose future is uncertain, as is Clooney’s subsequent involvement. George Clooney’s previous statements are also hopeful. As he noted, Comedy filmThe actor admitted that he would not rule out a new arc based on the comics in advance, if the script is valid. Only time will tell if this rumor matches reality.

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