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Football matches in Ponte Ronca in memory of Domenico Cavezza

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From children to adults and with a warm participation from all over the country in the Domenico Cavezza Memorial Sports Event held last Saturday at the Ponte Ronca Sports Centre. The event was held in memory of the carabiniere and selected officer Domenico Cavezza, who died a year ago after a serious illness. He was 53 years old, and while serving in the army he worked at the Zola Predosa barracks, then at the regional mobile radio station in Bologna and then at the Faranini station. In addition to his work, which is always appreciated and positively evaluated by the army and his superiors, Caveza, whom many call little Mimmo, devotes himself in his spare time to children’s sports training, in particular in the football sector for some. Local clubs and youth volunteer work in the parish of Ponte Ronca where he lived with his wife Roberta and two children Martina and Christian. And precisely in the city that appreciates him so much, a quadrangle event was held in the morning with a class of chicks from the Barcelona area, Monte San Pietro Calcio and Ponte Ronca. In the afternoon, another quadrangular meeting was held with the Radiomobile Regional Police, Borgo Panigale, Barcelona Children’s Parents and the Usic trade union association. At the end of the day, the €3,000 raised for charity and allocated to support sports scholarships were handed over to Mayor Dall’Omo.

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