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Ariane 6 for Europe’s independent access to space

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The inaugural flight of the Ariane 6 spacecraft left the European spaceport in French Guiana, to the greeting of French President Macron: “French and European pride”. As the Director General of the European Space Agency stated, this launch “fully restores Europe’s independent access to space”.

Ariane 6 in space

This is our history in space, our strategic independence, a source of French and European pride. The first launch of Ariane 6 has been a success!” The French President wrote on social media, Emmanuel Macron.

Yesterday afternoon, the first flight of the new European Heavy Launch Platform took place from the European Spaceport in French Guiana. Ariane 6the result of the joint work of a team of 13 countries, including Italy, led byEuropean Space Agency (ESA), in collaboration with the National Centre for Space Studies in Paris (CNES), for ArianeGroup And Arianespace.

Ariane 6 is definitely the right launcher for the commercial market.The European Space Agency’s director of space transportation told ANSA: Tony Tolker Nielsen.

A launch that allows Europe to enter the race in this new historical phase of the space economy, and to strengthen its technological independence, especially from a scientific and commercial point of view alone.

He said this way Joseph AschbacherDirector General of the European Space Agency, Yes.Fully restores Europe’s independent access to space

The next Ariane 6 launch is scheduled for this year with the first commercial flight.with Arianespace as operator and launch service provider.

Higher load capacity

My first thoughts go to all the teams from Kourou, Paris, Vernon, Les Mureaux, Toulouse, Bremen, Lampoldshausen, Liège, Barcelona, ​​Colleferro, Zurich and all the other sites in Europe that made this success possible. I would like to pay tribute to the commitment of the staff of CNES, ESA, ArianeGroup, Arianespace and our subcontractors.“, I declare Philip BaptisteCEO of the National Center for Space Studies.

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At 5.06 p.m., one hour after liftoff, the first set of satellites on board Ariane 6 was released from the upper stage and placed into orbit 600 kilometers above the Earth. The inaugural flight carried satellites and experiments from various space agencies, companies, research institutes, universities and young professionals.

An important test, as the launch pad will release its payloads to the same orbit, but at different times: First com.cubesat14 in total between 5 experiments and 9 technology demonstrators, both from research institutions and private companies.

There is also growing concern about environmental sustainability. During this flight, in fact, the upper stage of Ariane 6 will launch two re-entry capsules before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere for one period. clean disposaland is consumed by burning without causing damage and without leaving space debris in orbit.

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