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Press Release: Download Zombie Movie Bong of the Dead Today

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Just in time for Halloween comes the cult-hit zombie movie Bong of the Dead which is now available for digital download or DVD purchase. The $5000 budget movie with million dollar special effects can be part of your collection today.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada October 26, 2011 - The first two weeks of October were exciting and nerve wrecking for indie filmmaker Thomas Newman who has been working vigorously to bring his film Bong Of The dead into the spot light since 2009. The film's release in Germany proved to be both successful and a bit disappointing at the same time.

On October 12th when the film was just being released someone had already uploaded it to every major torrent download site across the world wide web. Within days, thousands of illegal copies of the film were being downloaded across the globe. Although this is flattering to filmmaker Thomas Newman, it is not how he wanted his film to debut. To add insult to injury the filmmaker's posters were also stolen by a poster company who was illegally selling copies of them all over the internet through sites like Amazon, Ebay and Sears.

Bong of the Dead may have cost very little to make as far as the movie-industry monetary scale goes, but it has cost the filmmaker the last four years of his life. When asked about his views of the internet and whether or not he thinks it's the beginning or the end for indie filmmakers such as himself, Newman stated, "If you cant beat the net, then you might as well learn how to use it!"

Using the internet is exactly what Thomas Newman has decided to do since his film and his posters have been compromised. He is now offering the full length UNCUT movie in HD quality off of his own server in a variety of download formats as well as a 2 Disc special edition DVD that he claims even his distributors don't have.

Movie fans will really enjoy the 2 Disc DVD! Collectors and fans of cult films will I love it and this version contains all the juicy added features that frankly sometimes studios just deny us! If you're looking for a fun gory film for this Halloween then perhaps take a look at Bong of the Dead and download it directly from the film's official website -

If you are in the Greater Toronto area perhaps you can catch it there at the Grinderhouse Halloween Party — Friday October 28th / Projection Booth / 8:30pm.

For more information about the festival please visit: Grinderhouse Halloween Party

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