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Love and Thunder, helmets made in CGI make fans argue

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Less and less is missing from the fourth MCU movie starring the God of Thunder andThe latest trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder It did nothing but increase the wait for the movie even more. But there is one thing in particular that has not been very popular with some fans. Let’s see what it is.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor has always received attention due to his beauty and physique, but while the actor remains a fan favorite, the other is His outfit that this time made more people raise their nosesMostly due to the slow special effects used on the helmet.

Indeed, Many viewers noted the weak CGI of Thor and Jane’s helmetswhich were clearly generated in computer graphics and not actually generated, which led to their disappointment being shared on social media and especially on Twitter.

As of May 2022, the MCU has earned over $25 billion worldwide, Making it the biggest movie franchise ever. Money certainly isn’t lacking at Marvel Studios and according to fans, choosing to make real helmets rather than relying on alternatives in CGI certainly wouldn’t be an issue.

Did you like this selection? In the meantime, we salute you for leaving you with a file Taika Waititi’s latest statement on Thor: Love and Thunder.

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