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The Samsung Galaxy S22 (also) is available in a stunning Gold and Titanium Edition

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A few weeks after its launch on the market, the Russian company Caviar launched six special editions of the new Samsung Galaxy S22

2022 has started with great fanfare in the smartphone market. Samsung Actually I introduced Galaxy S22The new flagship is available in three variants. As often happens in these cases, the Russian company Caviar did not want to waste time and immediately fired well Six limited edition models Pioneer.

Caviar presented its limited edition Samsung Galaxy S22 (screenshot)

These are obviously versions made for the purpose of luxury, considering that there are – among other things – decorations in them. 24 karat gold, light titanium and carbon fiber Auto industry. As the post explained, Caviar decided to take inspiration from Art Nouveau’s trend and distinctive V-shape to separate the camera from the bottom. The letter stands for “Vitoria”, the status quo is not just a little bit.

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All the details about the Caviar versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22 Caviar 20220223 Mobile
Variants in gold, titanium and other luxurious and exclusive materials available (screenshot)

Among the various models launched by Caviar, the most expensive is Ocelot. We are talking about a copy of Samsung Galaxy S22 Embellished with 24 karat gold and mottled. All combined with black PDV-titanium and laser engraving on gold. Speaking of prices, let’s start with 6600 dollars From the basic version 128 GB to reach 7830 from Ultra 512 GB. Another model bird of preyAlso, in 24 karat gold and beige crocodile leather. In this case we are talking about 6370 euros.

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There are also versions that are more designed for humans, like The Great Gatsby, Drive, Titanium and Vittoria. All of them feature many metals and leathers, and at prices not everyone can reach. You can now pre-order new limited edition models. Editions will be limited, with the maximum production not exceeding 99 units per model.

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