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The prosecutor questions the repentant son of his boss, D’Ausilio

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It is unlikely that he really did not know anything about that story. It is improbable that he did not collect – even if by hearsay – hints or background relating to this ill-fated event in his neighbourhood. The silence and the background that could prompt the prosecutor’s office to make an attempt today, even if it was just an exploratory move: an interrogation Felix D’Ausilio – the son of the historic boss of Bagnoli who, a few months ago, decided to collaborate with justice -, onscience city fire, The Maritime Museum was destroyed on March 4, 2013, under circumstances that remain mysterious.

A step that would seem obvious – at the moment it is a solid journalistic hypothesis – in the face of the determination of the prosecutor’s office of criminal dynamics on the western periphery. There is a date that serves as a turning point, which coincides with the destruction of the Corollo Museum. Yes, Coroglio: it is historically the criminal stronghold of the D’Ausilios clan, a clan related to Licciardi of Secondigliano, Which always aims to infiltrate the bidding procedures in West Naples. As is known, a few months ago Phyllis d’Ausilio decided to cooperate with the justice system. Consider it anything but a far-fetched sortie, as the new Justice League collaborator seems to offer a certain coherence to a story that has been abandoned up until this point. It was just enough to focus the knowledge level of the local clan leaders on destroying Science City.

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At the table of the prosecutors of Anticamorra there are some points that do not go unnoticed: in 2016 D’Ausilio jr became The protagonist of a thrilling escape, after making use of a prize pass. The flight coincided (at least from a historical point of view) with some of the crimes that bloodied the western region of Naples, but also with the immediate reorganization of the criminal trade. A period of freedom in which it is hard to imagine D’Ausilio not asking for information about Coroglio’s crime. There are two things: if the local Camorra has anything to do with it, the new Benito could give new impetus to a path defeated by the DDA that has not been completely abandoned, in connection with the mafia-like trend behind the March fire. 2013; On the other hand, if the penitent asserts that the camorra has nothing to do with this story, we will find ourselves facing further confirmation of the inner path behind the stake.

And speaking of the domestic track, in recent days, the reasons for the six-year prison sentence corrected last July by the guard, the sole accused, have been given. Sixth Court of Appeal, five years and four months for the former guard Paul Camarota (The lawyer defended her Luca Capasso Who will be able to appeal to the cassation), these are the points that appear at the end of the investigative work conducted by the Prosecutor General of the Department for Disarmament Affairs. Ida Teresey: “Camarota has been proven to have conducted the last two rounds of reconnaissance, Monday, March 4, 2013,” facilitating the unknown attackers to set fire to its six trigger points.

According to the judges’ reasoning, it is almost impossible to light the flames without crossing the Camarota on his double evening patrol. And that’s not all. There is also the story of the fire alarm, which was cleverly disabled before the unknown assailants arrived. The defendant had taken the keys from the control unit, to deactivate the alarm, and to facilitate the malicious actions of the arsonists. The reconstruction that now awaits the voice of the penitent, regarding things received in the cell or in the district, by the former tightrope walkers of the D’Ausilio clan.

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