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Yellow and black fever Saturday night: The Acinque Ice Arena is already sold out for Mastini-Caldaro

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The web portal has just gone into pre-sale, and it sold out in just over two hours. It usually happens to concerts, those lifelong awaited tours that you risk seeing just once, and it really makes you understand the significance of what you’re built by.HCMV Varese Hockey: Once fans have been given the go-ahead to book their tickets online for The first match in the final against Caldaro (Participation on Saturday 1st April at 6.30pm) All available seats in the Acinque Ice Arena were literally crushed.

This is definitely the case. The stunning yellow and black season is about to reach its climax: Best-of-seven series against Caldaro, the one that Mastiffs have already won in the final of the Italian Cup in the madness of the Varese ice rink, to make a season already historic in itself legendary. The city of Varese, of course, responded immediately because no matter the outcome Nobody wants to miss a moment of a magical adventure Which day by day manages to collect more and more endorsements, and will soon arrive to fill thatThe arena is ready to explode again.

The Yellow and Black Wave grew along with the team, bringing over 200 fans to Pergine for Race 4, a challenge that held HCMV back to the series finale. Now the Mastiffs will have at least four more matches to enjoy with their fans: whether it’s home or away, it doesn’t matter, but it’s clear that The drive that Acinque Ice Arena can provide is unique and incomparable. Saturday, if there is a need, we will note.

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the last

HCMV Varese – Caltern (Saturday 1 April at 6.30pm)

Race 2
Caldaro – HCMV Varese (Tuesday 4 April at 20.00)

HCMV Varese – Caltern (Thursday 6 April at 20.30)

Caldaro – HCMV Varese (Saturday 8 April at 19.30)

potential competition 5
HCMV Varese – Caltern (Tuesday 11 April at 20.30)

potential competition 6
Caldaro – HCMV Varese (Thursday 13 April at 20.00)

potential competition 7
HCMV Varese – Caltern (Saturday 15 April at 18.30)

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