September 21, 2023

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Niccolò Filoni with the national under-23 basketball team in Canada and Bertram Tertona in Serie A

Niccolò Filoni with the national under-23 basketball team in Canada and Bertram Tertona in Serie A

Niccolò Filoni with the national under-23 team in Canada and Bertram Tertona in Serie A.

Great emotion L’Aquila Basketball Movement And all Abruzzo comes from super performance Niccolò Filoni, born 2001. called in Italian national under-23 team Engagement since yesterday Canada in Global Jam Italy landed in the top flight this morning against the USA, Brazil and Canada national teams. A leagueWith the announcement of the contract with Bertram Terthona, the revelation of the last championship by reaching the semi-finals of the championship!
After captaining the national under-18 team Volos European Championship in Greece Two years earlier and after winning an individual bronze medal in the dunk contest in Argentina, during the Youth Olympic Games that same year – he was involved. Italian national 3contro3Fresh from three amazing seasons of A2 with jerseys from Npc Rieti and Kleb Ferrara, the boy just out of the nursery. New Basket AquilanoAn adventure that began at the age of 5 in the ranks of the capital’s minibasket school is a further step in the development of a path that has long been seen in the attention of professionals as one of the most future prospects of the Italian. Basketball movement.

The technical and administrative staff of the PalaAngeli club are clearly satisfied with the confirmation of the validity of the program aimed at the many young people who gather the L’Aquila parquet every year and have seen in recent seasons. Nuovo Basket Aquilano establishes itself as one of the reference points of basketball activity, not only in Abruzzo, but with several regional titles won and access to 10 national finals. Sixth place overall in Cagliari 2018 under 14 and Italian bronze medal 3contro3, also in Jesolo 2018 under 14.
Filoni will start his first Serie A championship with a company result BertramHaving surprised everyone last season and being led by the same coach as the Italian Under-23 national team, Marco RamondinoStrongly guided the club’s selection, confident they could have a prospect on their hands ready to establish himself at the highest levels.

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“On behalf of the municipality and in a personal capacity, I congratulate the young basketball player of L’Aquila Niccolo ‘Filoni for being a member of the Bertram Tertona team playing in Serie A of the Italian championship. A milestone that rewards years of training, the athlete’s undoubted technical skills, the Italian 23 national team called under, and represents a great pride to the Aquilano sports community, especially to the technical and administrative staff. Nuovo Basketball Aquilano, an institution where he grew up and trained technically before heading towards a career in which I wish him more and more valuable goals”. The Mayor of L’Aquila announced that, Pierluigi Biondi.