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The Age of Aura: Film Review with Edoardo Leo

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Have you ever felt that time is running faster than it seems? This is what happens to Dante, the main character in the movie It was time, which premiered at Rome Film Fest 2022 and is now available to stream on Netflix. This romantic comedy is a remake of the Australian film As if there was no tomorrow – long story shortFrom 2021 and directed by Josh Lawson, starring Rafe Spall. This adaptation directed by Alessandro Arandio wants to be not just a simple remake of the original but an Italian version, which focuses on the talent of the Romanian actor. Edward LiuWhich returns to be directed by the director after the success of the 2018 comedy Io c’รจ.

The plot of the age of aura

Dante and Alice (Barbara Ronchi) They met, by chance due to a kiss and person exchange, during a New Year’s party 2008. After two years in 2010 We find them engaged and living together in a house they recently moved into, which is still full of boxes to unpack and has a bathroom without a door. But this is not just a day DanteBut she is his 40th birthday But like every morning he is in a hurry and has to run to the office. Alice Instead, she lives today in peace, and thanks also to the good fortune of working as a book illustrator, she is certainly the most dreamy, the designer of her own destiny, and the funniest of the couple, so much so that in the evenings. She organizes a surprise party for her partner with all his friends. Dante the morning after celebrating his fortieth birthday, wakes up a year later 2011 And finds out he’s stuck in time loop.

the hero of the story It was time At first he doesn’t understand, in fact he thinks he is suffering from a bout of early-onset Alzheimer’s, a disease that afflicted and suffered from his father who lives in a nursing home. Dante feels lost and above all unable to stop this strange game of fate that has been kept for him. Meanwhile, days pass, even years for him, and he finds himself the father of a beautiful young girl named GaladrielLike the elf of Middle-earth from The Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile, the relationship with his girlfriend is changing Alice, even after trying to cure the couple, the two leave and Dante finds himself in a whirlwind with no way out. But fortunately nothing is lost, also thanks to the ever-present personality of the best friend ValeriusThe protagonist realizes his mistakes and finally starts enjoying his life. At the end of It was time The man succeeds in restoring the temporal balance and his true self, that is, the truth about Alice and her daughter’s love.

Dante and Alice’s house

After the months we spent within the walls of the house, in this first lockdown in Spring 2020, we all discovered the importance of our home, and also as a place that reflects us as people and our inner being. This also happens in It was time, the spectators, and perhaps even before the protagonist, understand that something has changed, that time has passed since the apartment of Dante and Alice was furnished. In the first years of coexistence house It is full of light that enters from the large windows overlooking the garden, it is very colorful and feminine, with the arrival of Galadriel’s toys as well. At the moment of separation, the living room and kitchen are transformed and become more functional, with simple and cold furniture that reflects the fusion of Dante who lives alone and thinks only of work .

The Age of Aura is like a contemporary fairy tale

the Fourth feature film Directed by Alessandro Arandeo He brings to the screen one of the problems of our society, time is running out and you can never find the moment to slowly enjoy something nice together, like a simple breakfast. Dante is a man who reflects sincerely Contemporary Obsessions And how the lack of communication between spouses sooner or later leads to separation, even if you really love each other. This movie owns a part imaginary, Too well dosed to be one of the strengths but also a true tribute to 90’s American comedies like I’m starting overwhere the hero also ends up in a time loop.

Dante does not live the same day indefinitely, but every day is a year that passes, and at the same time his father dies, his daughter grows up, and thus he has to unleash himself and figure out how to solve the nightmare he has fallen into. acting Edward Liu And Barbara Ronchi It’s the set point of a repetitive but ever-changing story, like the many characters that revolve around the couple through the 109 minutes of the story. It was time It is a contemporary fairy tale, a romantic comedy that talks about feelings, regrets and time, what passes like years without us realizing it.


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