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In Salmi (Trapani) all in Abi until January 22nd. The mayor signs the order: “We follow the opinion of the flag.”

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The Regional Health Authority of Trapani, which assessed infection indicators for the omicron variant of Covid-19 in the Salimi region, has expressed its support for the adoption of distance learning for schools, and so the mayor, Domenico Vinotti, has established the closure of all institutes of all types and levels, including childcare services , for six days: from 17 to 22 January.

The order was signed by Venuti after contact received by the Asia Pacific Department of Prevention responding to a request for an opinion submitted by Salem Municipality with other municipalities in the county.

I still argue that distance learning is harmful to our children’s education – says the mayor -, But in managing the pandemic, we must not follow moods or fears, but rather scientific opinions, and therefore we follow the opinion of the competent health authority.“.

This is a limited period of six days, which we will use to understand the progress of the infection – Goes on. The hope is that we can get back to class as quickly as possible. for us
The title is, of course, to protect the health of children, but without neglecting their school education, which can only be complete and complete by face-to-face teaching.“.

From Venuti, a new appeal for families to vaccinate children. Since yesterday, in fact, at Salmi Hospital, thanks to the cooperation between the municipality and Asp, it became possible to vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old in a designated area (hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14 to 20) in the presence of pediatricians providing families with all information necessary. “Vaccination of young children is critical – Mayor of Salmi concludes – Because it facilitates the achievement of a significant percentage of immunized people in the area, allowing to speed up the path back to face-to-face teaching“.

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