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Press Release: Announcing Commercial Point, leading the industry in condo conversions for commercial property in the Greater Toronto Area

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Real Estate

James Hussaini announces the establishment of Commercial Point, a leading consultancy in the Greater Toronto Area, that specializes in the condo conversion process for commercial office buildings and properties.

Commercial Point - Toronto area condo conversion consultancy service Press Release (11/24/2015) Toronto, ON - Commercial Point is a Toronto area condo conversion consultancy service that will help established property owners unlock the equity in their property.

"Commercial Point brings together under one roof the ability for property owners to discover the hidden value of their properties through the condo conversion process" James Hussaini said.

"Our experience" continued James, "in the condo conversion process is what sets up apart from other developers that talk about adding value to a commercial property. Usually the discussion is centered on expensive upgrades or marketing campaigns to bring in higher paying tenants. Through our process property owners can unlock the equity in their property while maintaining ownership and at the same time unburdening themselves of the daily property management obligations and costs."

Commercial condos, while not a new idea in property ownership, is a complicated and drawn out process that most developers shy away from. They can be time consuming and have a high learning curve for the unexperienced.

The Commercial Point's team of consultants has the experience to minimize the time involved, allowing owners to realize the value of their property sooner, as well as the experienced professionals that smooth the process, eliminating the blocks that can appear during the process.

"There has to be a team effort in the condo conversion process," James said, "with experienced people ready to deal with the municipal government officials, surveyors, real estate lawyers, environmental assessment experts, appraisers and others that are required to push the process forward. Having an experienced professional to manage the process will make the difference between success or failure of the conversion process."

With several completed condo conversion projects in Commercial Point's portfolio, this experienced team is ready to help any commercial property owner unlock the equity their property holds, that because of vacancy or a different designated property use, they cannot currently access.

For more information about the condo conversion process please visit

Contact Commercial Point

Phone: 1 (647) 401-7653
Address: 240 Duncan Mill Road, #600, Toronto, ON M3B 3S6

Contact James Hussaini
Phone: 1 (647) 401-7653
Address: 240 Duncan Mill Road, #600, Toronto, ON M3B 3S6


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