Home Economy Buying food: this is how much the increase is

Buying food: this is how much the increase is

Buying food: this is how much the increase is

Istat has made alarming estimates regarding inflation in food products and more: year-over-year increases will be +11.9%. The rise in food prices is alarming: the cost of shopping is increasing by 12.7%, the largest increase since 1983. Let’s try to explain it together.


The Preliminary National Inflation Estimates, revealing the complexity of the situation and the vulnerability of well-off Italian families at risk of poverty. The National Consumer Price Index for the Whole Society (Nic), Total Tobacco, records an increase in 3.5% on a monthly basis And the11.9% on an annual basis. This is the largest price increase recorded since 1983 to date.

particularly affected fresh fooddriven by rising energy prices.

Buying food: How much does it cost to shop at Assoutenti?


The inflationary crisis is hitting hard, as it was also explained before Head of Assoutenti Furio Truzziwhich he reiterated on a note:

Above all, the significant decrease in food purchases is alarming, with volume down -3.5% compared to 2021. Istat figures tell us that Italians, to overcome the current crisis, are not only cutting their primary purchases like food, but also dramatically changing their habits, And they focus more and more on savings: this is evidenced by the growth in sales in discount food stores, which rose in August by +9.5% year on year, the highest number among all commercial establishments.

The decrease in purchases This could be another problem, given that companies are particularly struggling with price hikes.

Inflation: How much has spending increased today?


Let’s see now How much does it cost to shop todayin more detail only how much it cost Food Available in supermarkets. Let’s see what the increases are for the different product categories:

  • The prices of food commodities for home and personal care increased from +10.9% to +12.7%,
  • Those of high frequency products from +8.4% to +8.9%.
  • prices Food commodities (from +11.4% to +13.1%), both treated (from +11.4% to +13.4%) and untreated (from +11.0% to +12.9%).

If we consider the overall categories:

  • Housing, water, electricity and fuel recorded 58.8%.
  • Food and soft drinks + 13.5%. transport + 8.0%;
  • Hospitality and catering services + 7.5%. Furniture, materials and services for the home + 7.1%;
  • Other goods and services + 3.1%. clothes and shoes + 3.0%;
  • Alcohol and tobacco + 2.3%. Leisure, Leisure and Culture + 1.7%;
  • Education + 1.0%;
  • Health services and health costs + 0.8%;
  • Communication – 2.5%.


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