Home entertainment The actor excels as the father of the Williams sisters

The actor excels as the father of the Williams sisters

The actor excels as the father of the Williams sisters

A winning family – King Richard is one of those must-watch titles to understand what’s behind the sports champion, in this case Venus and Serena Williams. The resume also features Will Smith’s Academy Award-winning performance. Stream on NOW.

It will be difficult for some time yet to separate a file Infamous slap on live TV on the stage Oscars® from a photo will Smith. But we’ll get there. First of all, because we’ve all done something wrong in life, even in a gross way, with a much lower sounding board. Secondly, because an actor like him with great talent and excellent results that he has achieved over many years of work, deserves to be considered for what he has done and will continue to do in the film industry.

This very evening that a part of him would like to erase from everyone’s memory, including his own, is the same evening of his long-awaited conquest of the King. Oscar® Best Leading Actor. He has opposed it in the past with movies on me Written by Michael Mann (2001) H The pursuit of happiness (2006) by Gabriele Muccino and this time came a well-deserved statuette Winning family – King Richard. It really is an unmissable interpretation of will Smithis available on Sky and is being streamed right Now.

Watch The Winning Family: King Richard on NOW

Winning Family – King Richard: A man’s insistence on giving his daughters a future

output from Reinaldo Marcus GreenThe film tells the story of two tennis stars and two sisters. Venus and Serena Williams. However, the point of view is that of their father Richard, a figure who has held the position of coach since childhood. A role he’s made for himself since his daughters were young girls, effectively deciding their futures so they can get them away from Compton, the unfamiliar Los Angeles neighborhood with a high crime rate where the family lives. williams.

The guy had no knowledge of the sport, but he undertook to coach them, convinced that his girls could one day become some of the best tennis players in history. If one could logically believe that with great commitment it was not impossible to learn to play at great levels, and to have good physical skills from the start as in the case of the girls, then the irreplaceable work that Richard put in was for the formation of their character. That they can compete with opponents even in personality.

King Richard: The Dedication of Actor and Producer Will Smith

“He worked on the character, replicating his Southern accent, so he already had a lot of Richard’s characteristics, but adding the external transformation, made him more believable. He would completely lose himself in the character,” the director explains. Green color. In fact, the actor, also due to the role of the producer he covers, intervened personally in many aspects of the production and, above all, in the transformation work of his role, adopting in particular the details subsequently developed by the costume department. “In the archive videos, Richard, I don’t know why, he always wore shorts that were too tight. That was his tennis look. The tight shorts and high socks got me under his skin” he says. will Smith Who would never have thought of the history of the Williams family as one of those who would be typified in the struggle to overcome challenges and break down the walls of circumstance.

“I don’t think they were ever trapped, because their minds were free. That was a big part of their faith and a big part of their self-confidence,” the actor explains. “So, there’s never been a sense of them getting trapped in anything other than their ability to commit, work hard, and love each other. This belief system is powerful and hugely productive. It’s impossible to prevent such spirit.”

Winning family – King Richardnext to Smithcan also be proud of being in the cast Jon Bernthal, Liev Schreiber And the Tony Goldwyn. Sisters Venus and Serena Williams are interpreted respectively by Sania Sydney and Demi Singleton. In the role of mother and wife we ​​find Orassin Williams instead Aunjanue Ellis.

Watch The Winning Family: King Richard on NOW


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