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Review of Federica Pellegrini’s new film Underwater :: Blog su Today

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There’s always a human behind the hero’s personality, the emotion behind “competitive ugliness”, the insecurities behind the winner’s image, and there’s always been a woman behind the athlete Federica Pellegrini. Sometimes we forget it, but behind every hero there is a man or woman in flesh and blood who, with perseverance, patience and a little recklessness, chooses to bypass the Pillars of Hercules to see what is there. It is beyond this limit of exploration imposed by the gods or simply by our minds.

They call it “divine” but Federica Pellegrini has always been a woman, girl, and teen behind her glasses, hat, and costume in competition, and in her new documentary, Underwater Shown in cinemas all over Italy, it is seen for the first time in all its passion, sweetness and tenderness, and to see it as such is exciting.

With a journey back through past glories, world, Olympic, and world records, European gold and silver, food problems, early loss to a coach, lasting family and love, with Matteo Giunta, who came to life to establish herself as a solid pillar and change her life and career, Underwater It shows an unprecedented side of Federica Pellegrini, that Spinea girl swimming in the pool at the age of 15, in an Olympic final time who stunned everyone just one year later with a silver medal at the Athens Olympics in that 200 style that would become her competition queen. In almost all of his sports career.

Underwater is a film/documentary that presents for the first time private images of an Olympic athlete’s life when she is not exposed to the spotlight, the background of a girl’s private life when she is locked in her room, like all people of her age, her doubts and doubts about herself and her skills, open-ended stories about a woman, with unlimited perseverance and mental strength, She never gives up on her goals and never forgives herself even one mistake.

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Federica Pellegrini has led a life of chase, race time, life time, but she has not let herself be overwhelmed by these hands which she, on the other hand, is used to being her catalyst. able to hit him. spend some time. And that is how he returned at the age of thirty-three, after the postponement of the Olympic Games for Covid, to dive into the pool with the very young swimmers who, however, had time on their side and how. However, Federica never gave up and with all the mental strength that has always distinguished her, she won her last Olympic final, ending her amazing swimming career in style.

Beauty Underwater is that it positions itself as an honest, human, and introspective eye on the life of someone who has done great things in their life. It’s a movie that never tires, even after an hour and a half of pictures and you’ll keep watching it for a long time without losing interest or the desire to move forward. And then, as soon as you leave the room, you can just get overwhelmed by the adrenaline, that power and “evil” that comes off the screen and takes us home, hopefully, to life.

There are those who consider it unpleasant, those who know how, but Federica Pellegrini is just a woman who always had the courage to get back in the game every time her mind or body told her she wasn’t good enough or she wasn’t good enough anymore. He had time to be the best. And so, stroke after stroke, Federica continues to push back the waters of the past and feelings of insecurity to create the space and time to shine again and from this there is only learning.

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Rating: 8

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