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Space Talent-Auxilium Valdocco 14-0, commentary and report card –

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Space Talent – AUXILIUM VALDOCCO 14-0
Signs:pt 2′ Gasparro, 4′ and 9′ Donato, 7′, 15′, 17′ Tremus, 21′ Marighella, 27′ Franzoso; st 4′, 8′, 16′, 28′, 35′ Tremus, 23′ and 29′ Gaeta.
Space football talent: Gasparro F. (1’st Catino), Marighella, Minna, Gasparro A., Salgau (1’st Militaru), Yano (2’st Dilillo), Mazzeo, Franzoso (13’st Gaeta), Donato (13’st Capraro), Colosimo (4’st Croce), Tremus. Good availability. everyone.
oxyllium valduco: Li Beira, Chen, Sadraoui (29th Victor), Benomar, Baghi, Balbo (19th Aguasim), Gregoras, Lagana (Ogo 19’st), Zapatori, Hamdi, Kariya (26th de Girolamo). Gregoras herd.
to rule: Nardella Turin.

Turin – The first and last match of Group D of the U-15 match at the Spazio Talent Soccer Stadium. The hosts dominate the away team, shooting 14-0. Spazio Talent tries to get dangerous right away with Franzoso trying to shoot at the near post and earning a corner kick in the first minute. Gasparro A. immediately opens the score from a corner kick after a rebound, accidentally grabbing the goalkeeper in counter-time. The next action comes immediately with the double with Donato concluding with a wing percussion initiated by Tremus. In the seventh minute, after an attack by Juventus players, Tremos ends up scoring. In the ninth minute, Donato’s personal brace arrives thanks to pressure in the penalty area. In the 15th minute, the hosts earn a free-kick from outside the penalty area by Tremus who finds an excellent example slipping past the barrier and ending up under the seventh. In the 17th minute, Tremus again runs down the right and attempts the cross that goes into the net. In the 19th minute, Auxilium Valdocco tries to appear in the area having the ball recovered by Balbo who attempts to shoot at the near post only to be awarded a corner kick. In the 21st minute, the hosts came back again with Colosimo covering the ball well and unloading it on Maregella who kicked first to find the right corner to the right of the goalkeeper. Spazio Talent continued to attack and in the 26th minute Colosimo hit the crossbar with a shot from the outside. The action after Colosimo fell in the penalty area and the coach whistled a penalty kick. He beats Franzoso who is initially rejected by Lee Berra but the ball falls between his feet and finishes the job as a rebound. In the 34th minute, the Auxilium defense recovers the ball thanks to Benomar, who makes a back pass to the goalkeeper, who blocks with his hands, and the referee is forced to blow his whistle for a free kick in two directions, which was not implemented by the hosts. . In the second half, Juventus picked up where they left off and in the fourth minute Tremus scored after a corner kick. In the eighth minute, the hosts took the lead on the left as Matzio made an excellent cross at the head of Tremos who scored for the fifth time of the day into the net. Once again, Tremus in the 16th minute finds another overhead kick and brings his personal goal tally to six. In the 23rd minute, another goal arrives, this time by substitute Gaeta, who expects the goalkeeper to hit a through ball from his teammates. In the 28th minute another goal came to Tremos. In the 29th minute, Mina attempts the cross shot but only takes the post, and Gaeta scores in the stabbing. At the 35th minute, Tremus always closes the scoring.

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report cards
talent space
Gasparro F. 6.5: little called into question (1 ′ trough 6: always ready)
Marigold 7: He pushes well on the wing and shoots on goal.
Dial 6.5: Covers well in defence.
Gasparo A.7: Excellent head progression.
Salgao 6.5: Always in a great locationMilitaro I 6: enter well).
Yano 7He handles excellent balls throughout the match.Dillillo II 6He performs many offensive actions.
Mazzeo 6.5: The ball dribbled without problems.
Franzoso 7.5: Great technique and great goal 13’s Gaeta 7.5: He’s ready and puts a backing on the score sheet).
Donated 7.5: puts the defense in difficulty throughout the match (13′ Capraro 6: an excellent alternative).
Colosseum 7: he managed to easily distance himself in favor of his comrades (4’st Cross 6He handles attacking maneuvers well.
Jerk 9He excels with his eight goals in the score sheet found through headers, right and left kicks and even overhead kicks.

oxyllium valduco
Lee Pira 5.5.4Conceding a goal is always difficult for a goalkeeper.
Cheng 5.5: inattentiveness in defensive maneuvers, can do better. He will do it again.
Sadraoui 5.5.1 update: his wings fly easily on his wing. (29′ Victor SV).
Bin Omar 5.5: oblivious in some parts of the match, struggling against opponents.
Pages 6: Struggling to keep up with opposing attackers.
stutter 6: trying to recover some balls. One of the best among it. (XIX Agwasim 5.5: Failed to enter the rhythm match).
Gregoras 6: He suffers from dribbling the opponent, which is a difficult first half for him.
Lagana 6: try to create some occasions (19′ Ugo sv).
Digger 6kisa: colleagues can’t get on board.
Hamidi 5.5: rarely seen.
Karya 5.5.0 update: touches a few balls (26’st Di Girolamo sv).

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