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The United States and Canada tore down national borders to protect the Milky Way

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Montana’s Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park have become Canada’s first international Dark Sky Park across the border – two parks now known as Waterton-Glacier International Dark Sky Park have recently completed a complete overhaul of the lights to replace it. Reduces artificial impact on dark skies and wildlife. The natural turning point, which allows you to protect the darkness of the sky, makes night watching even more spectacular.

“The night sky is the main feature of the forest in the Glacier National Park – Supervisor Pete Webster wrote in a note -. Seeing the vastness of the universe clearly enhances a person’s sense of loneliness rather than the terrestrial landscape. Now this certificate will help to tell all the visitors that they can find their own privacy here. “Waterton – The Dark Sky of the Glacier International Peace Park is truly spectacular. Announcing our Peace Park as the world’s first international border Dark Sky Park – Canada’s Parks Ron Holman concludes to show the world our commitment to protecting the environment. Even at night.”

The new LED street lights direct the light downwards instead of upwards and dazzle the bulbs with customized color temperature against light pollution. This allows the sky to resume its vital role after each sunset and the animals to sleep or come out into the open, intertwine with nature or migrate.

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