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Everyone wants a helmet with cat ears –

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Among the paid cosmetic features infinite aura There’s someone going crazy in society, apparently: it’s cat style customization For the Spartan shield, aptly named “Meowlnir Helmet,” which has become a bit of a trend on Twitter as well.

The helmet is located inside cat lovers pack, which for €10 allows you to customize your Spartan armor with various items including enchantment, shield color and many other features, but the most unique feature is definitely the helmet with cat ears.

With all the full features, the mighty UNSC fighter gets a little silly, but that seems to appeal to a large part of the community. Many comment on how popular this helmet is now especially among gamers, with great chances to encounter it in online matches lately.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen some customization a little higher in Halo, even if 343 Industries decides to maintain a certain behavior in this regard in Halo Infinite, as also evidenced by the decision to cancel the ballet as unlockable emotes. However, this has not prevented the arrival of the Meowlnir helmet, which is quickly climbing the preference charts.

However, the success of the package in question could prompt 343 Industries to ramp up this approach to selling content for customization, which aims for expensive packages as well rather than individual items, something historical users are slightly concerned about.

In any case, the passion for the cat-eared helmet appears to exceed these concerns, based on the findings. Meanwhile, Halo Infinite’s Winter Contingency event has started with free rewards for everyone.

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