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RC challenged players to play FPS using real war rules

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there International Red Cross Challenge players to play FPS using The real rules of war, which was established “to protect the humanity and dignity of people around the world.” The organization reminded players that video games are often set in conflict zones and that armed conflict is now more prevalent than ever.

Real conflicts involve everyone who lives in surrounding areas, ruining their lives, and destroying entire communities. Let’s read the rules that the Red Cross has challenged us to abide by:

No thirst – when the enemy falls, you cannot continue shooting at him;
Don’t target non-aggressive characters – You don’t have to shoot friendly robots;
Do not target civilian buildings You cannot fight in homes, schools or hospitals. If you have no choice, you should try to avoid damaging the area;
Use medkits on everyone – If you have a medkit, you must use it on others.

Of course, the Red Cross is not an attempt to impose a commitment or censor the FPS, but rather an awareness-raising research on the topic of war and its effects on the population, reminding players that real war is not fun and that it is a topic. rules to prevent abuse. There are currently two games that have decided to participate in Invitational Red Cross: ArmA III and Fortnite. If you are interested in participating in other games, you can subscribe to it The official page opened by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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