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Waste, why not throw it in the craters of the volcano? unexpected answer

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It is absurd that many think, why not throw excrement in volcanoes: here are the consequences of this foolish gesture.

Volcanic eruption (Pexels)

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Numerous discussions about trash disposal. Some people have even suggested dumping trash inside volcanic craters, believing that lava can do the work of melting and eliminating. If that was really the case, we would have solved one of the greatest problems of the modern age, right?

But why can’t such a crazy gesture be made? First, to throw garbage into the volcano, the volcano itself must be at hand. But not only that, because the volcano, in addition to being near garbage deposits, must be be active. In Italy, for example, we have about ten active volcanoes, all of which are located in the south of the peninsula.

Dispose of waste in volcanoes, because it cannot be done

Disposal of volcanic waste
crater fumes (Pexels)

In the collective imagination, an active volcano erupts incandescent lava. In fact, it is always full of glowing lava that boils until it erupts. In fact, this is not quite the case, to the point that volcanoes with glowing lava are very few on the planet. This is, in fact, a rare and unpredictable phenomenon. But let’s admit that all volcanoes have this glowing lava lakeWhat would happen if we decided to throw trash inside?

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The exact number must be calculated lava temperature. Waste completely melts at temperatures between 1000 and 1200 degrees, which is the average temperature of large incinerators. This means that the lava, if it does not reach this temperature, then stops at a temperature of less than 1000 degrees, will not be able to dissolve all the substances well.

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If the hole erupts, it will release all of these previously unresolved pollutants into the air. It would be a disaster. If we throw trash into volcanoes, we’ll create a Environmental pollution Never seen before, with mercury, lead, metals and acid gases prevalent. All the carcinogens that modern waste-to-energy plants can filter out, something volcanoes cannot do.

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In short, the idea of ​​dumping waste inside active volcanoes is a surreal one, Not realistically possibleAnd even if that were the case, it would entail multiple problems and dire consequences for the environment and ourselves. Here, frankly, is one of the many ridiculous proposals circulating on the net.

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