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Media Release: Scientology’s appeal case to open Narconon in Ontario dismissed

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Yesterday, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) published their decision to dismiss Scientology's 'Social Betterment Properties International' (SBPI) appeal to open a controversial Narconon drug rehab center in Milton, Ontario. The 17 page decision posted on the OMB's website, declared in detail how all four tests required by the applicant, failed to satisfy the Board for the variance sought.

By David Love Media Release (06/20/2015) - The proposal by SBPI was to convert a large single-family dwelling into a Narconon drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation centre to be operated by Narconon Incorporated (AKA Narconon Canada) - director, Brad Melnychuk.

At the outset of the hearing, the Board was advised that the Proponent wished to amend its application under s. 45(1) to add an additional variance: "To permit a group home for persons requiring treatment and rehabilitation for addiction to drugs or alcohol to be located at 7651 Milburough Line despite it not being "licensed, approved or supervised, or funded by the Province of Ontario under any general or specialized Act", as required by [the definition of Group Home Type 2 in] section 3 of the Town of Milton."

Social Betterment Properties International recently failed in their attempt to 'slide in the back door' in Australia and Frederick, Maryland by using the definition, Group Home. Both attempts were denied.

As Scientology and Narconon is well known for, they brought in non-expert witnesses, including a program graduate, appearing in support of the Narconon program. All three spoke glowingly of Narconon, but none of these witnesses addressed the land use planning matters. The Board stated: "While the Board appreciates the time and effort these three individuals took to travel some distance to appear at this hearing, the Board attaches no weight to their evidence."

Mr. Chung and Ms. Dion testified extensively on the Narconon program including treatment and rehabilitation phases. Ms. Dion appeared to be taking the Board on a 'Red-Hearing' ride with the license agreement between Narconon International and Narconon Incorporated - stating that "Narconon International had the right of entry and inspection to ensure standards are maintained."

When pressed under cross-examination, the pretense of "inspections and to ensure standards" fell apart and was exposed as false and misleading. Ms. Dion failed to explain that "the entire agreement and the purpose of the right of entry and inspection is to ensure that Narconon Inc. is using properly the Narconon trademarks."

Narconon International is a Scientology entity that entered and inspected the 100 bed, Narconon Trois-Rivieres (now closed) in Quebec. One of their duties was to ensure that Scientology's "Tech" was being used to the letter. Inspections in reference to patient health and safety were not addressed.

In April, 2012, the Mauricie and Central-Quebec Health and Social Services Agency gave details about the reasons that led it to deny certification to the Narconon Trois-Rivières detoxification center. "Of the fifty-five criteria required for certification, the Quebec Accreditation Council identified forty-six deficiencies, twenty-six of them considered high-risk. One of the procedures that represents a health risk is the sauna sweating sessions combined with massive doses of vitamins," said Marc Lacour.

Following the closure on Narconon in Quebec, five ex-staff members reinforced what the Ministry of Health already knew. "Some of these cases weren't admissible to the program because it requires cutting off their medication. But the administration chose to keep them anyway. There were several instances of attempted suicide during the past few months. By law, immediate medical assistance should have been provided, but management decided to keep these persons without calling for an ambulance," says the former employee. "We're playing with people's lives."

Director of Narconon Incorporated, Brad Melnychuk, the person who was the front man for SBPI in the appeal to open the 'subject' Narconon drug rehab in Milton, has been known to embellish and fudge numbers when it comes to Narconon's success rate. When Melnychuk was at the Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs - 37th PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION meeting in Ottawa, he stated: "Narconons are improving, and some of them are very close to a 100% success rate."

Bard Melnychuk also admitted that four or five per cent of the addicts who go through Narconon programs become Scientologists.


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