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Ridley Scott criticized in the cinema: “boring as m**da”

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Ridley Scott in theaters with The Last DuelHis last film dedicated to a famous event that actually took place in France in 1386, but despite numerous commitments, the director found time Attack the cinemaWho thinks it’s too boring.

During the press conference tour of Gucci House, the Oscar winner said via Zoom to Deadline: “Their scripts are not good at all. In my career, I think I’ve made three great superhero movies with noteworthy scripts. One of them could be Alien with Sigourney Weaver. One could be the Gladiator, the other Blade Runner with Harrison Ford.. These are superhero movies.” real.”

Ridley Scott is disappointed with the takeovers of The Last DuelThen he added: “I can’t understand why superhero movies couldn’t have better stories. Sorry. I might have gone a little off, but I mean, They are only saved because of the special effectsThis is boring for anyone who works in the cinema. If you have the money, you also get the special effects, but these movies eventually become boring like shit“.

In the same interview, the director praised Joker in Joaquin Phoenix: “He’s almost Shakespeare, and I think Joaquin can do anything. When you watch a movie like Joker, you get to think, ‘You can’t just say his actions are evil. They come from a broken soul. Now they don’t. I just ask myself, what?’ It will be Joaquin’s version of Napoleon. He will be his own painter, and I will be there to monitor him as best I can, and I have nothing else to do.”

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