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In Piedichiusa Park, Ornella Muti opened the Lamezia International Film Festival

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Lamezia Terme – The Lamezia International Film Festival kicks off in an evocative setting in Piedichiusa Park. Opening with great fanfare to be in the city of Ornella Muti, the icon of Italian cinema and beyond. She did not deny waiting. Sunny, full of liveliness and usual charm, it enchanted the garden crowd in the historic center of Mezia. It was made to wait as befits divas. But the wait was worth admiring its unchanging beauty, and so on the red carpet of one of the park’s paths, he was introduced with Anton Giulio Grandi, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabrian Film Commission and welcomed by the Director of the Festival, Gianlorenzo Franzo who began the short and intense talk with the press officer of the Rosso Film Commission. Franz began offering her “the most beautiful smile in Italian cinema”.


Amid the enthusiastic applause of the audience, Maati immediately expressed his gratitude for the invitation to “such a wonderful place.” So there’s room for a few hints of his career movies, starting with one show on debut evening, “The Most Beautiful Wife” by director Damiano Damiani. “The protagonist is opposed by everyone. It is a film to assert women’s rights.” Between one movie memory and another from her long career, Al-Maati did not hesitate to stigmatize the current situation. “Cinema has taught us neorealism. However, there are no more brave producers today, and there is no possibility of doing something different.” Throwing darts at the victim’s products in the sense of sponsors and television.

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Anton Giulio Grande spoke of “a divine actress. My death – he said – a living work of art. I am pleased to open this exhibition in my city which will continue elsewhere in Calabria until October”. At the end of the meeting with the audience, Grande Muti was awarded the Legia Prize, the representative of the city of Lamezia Terme. The review will continue with other events until July 16 and will suggest a trip to the cinema with other films, other characters and with the “Village Prize”. Tomorrow, day two with another big hero in our cinema, Tony Cervello.





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