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Serena Grande, Red Light Confession: I did it with a very young boy

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Serena Grande made a hot reveal by admitting she did it with a younger guy: Here it is, the story details

Her popularity reached her peak in the 1980s thanks to her participation in some films that evoked the erotic genre, a new type of Italian cinema where she had the opportunity to show her burgeoning forms. She is endowed with great talent in addition to her extreme beauty and has caused many scandals due to the episodes related to her own field as well in order to investigate her account of drug possession: we are talking about her Serena GrandeEven if her real name is Serena Fagioli. Not everyone was aware of this, but she had an affair with Gianni Morandi in the past when she was not yet known.

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I graduated as a computer expert and after some English courses, I was assigned to an analytical lab. Despite this, the dream of acting was so great that he left for Rome, specifically with the intention of going to Cinecittà, and after pursuing courses in casting and acting, he took part in some films such as quiet country womenAnd travel companionAnd Quoio headsAnd Perino hits againAnd Perino Plague to the rescue!And Sturmtruppen 2 – All In FrontAnd Acapulco, first beach… left, He later also worked alongside Carlo Verdone.

Success came in 1985 when she met for the first time with director Tinto Brass, who chose her as the heroine of the thriller. Miranda What made her gain fame and success became a symbol of the abundance of flowing forms of Italian homemade cinema. After that he starred in many films along with the greatest of them like Luca Barbareschi in Teresa and Paolo Villaggio in rich stuff NS Rimini Rimini.

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She revealed during some interviews that she had a love affair with Gianni Morandi when she had not achieved success yet, saying: “It was a beautiful story. I was not yet known at that time. He took me to Sanremo, and clothed me. He made me feel like a queen and I went with him to the most beautiful hotels. I entered with him hand in hand until he went up the stage to sing my beloved enemy. We broke up because I wasn’t ready to join an extended family“.

Serena made a heartfelt confession, revealing that she did it with a smaller confession.

Serena Grande’s Hot Confession

too hot
Hot confession (web image)

Serena Grande taught her fans that passion has no age, making a confession that left people on the Internet and their fans speechless: She revealed that she did it with someone much younger than her, admitting that this was a transgression greater than his life. .

She said in an interview with editorial Chi:A few years ago I made love in the corridors of a hotel With a much younger guy. It was New Year’s Eve. We were in Positano. The passion was uncontrollable. Under the sea the world celebrates.”

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