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Microsoft announces a series of adaptive accessories for people with disabilities –

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Microsoft Continue along the path that has already begun for some time towards more inclusiveness towards Users with disabilitiesand introduce a new series of adaptive accessoriesDesigned to provide different possibilities for exploitation Enter With electronic devices even for those who cannot use traditional systems.

This is an evolution of the study that actually led to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, however, in this case, with a wide range of solutions that can meet different needs, currently aimed at interacting with Windows PCs.

Microsoft Adaptive Extensions

The organs concerned are the result of a study conducted by Microsoft Comprehensive Technology Lab In cooperation with the community of users with disabilities, in order to provide alternatives for those who find it difficult to use traditional systems such as controllers, mice and keyboards.

These are not necessarily game consoles, but more complex systems that can replace all the functions of a standard mouse and keyboard with new input systems that are more accessible and usable by users who cannot rely on the standard use of limbs, hands and fingers.

The central elements are Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Hub, Microsoft Adaptive Button: all three can be configured and modified as desired, with the first one can be adapted to different knobs or supports, the second to modify the use of different keyboards or input systems and the third to provide additional functionality and support.

These are tools that have different uses and are presented above all as useful input items for different working environments, which include the use of a computer for various calculations. The release of Microsoft Adaptive Accessories is scheduled forAutumn 2022.

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