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Nicole Kidman is back to basics: super curly (and pretty) again

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Nicole Kidman decided to revolutionize her look (again), going back to basics and opting for a curly and rebellious hairstyle. Divine simplicity!

Nicole Kidman is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood as well as one of the most beloved actresses. It was she who had always dreamed of becoming a famous actress (as “our” Massimo Ciavarro recalled), and with whom I had the pleasure of working on the 1987 film Australian in Rome) Now she has fulfilled her dream and not only that: she also managed to win an Oscar for Best Actress (for hours).

Nicole Kidman revolutionized her look by going back to basics. Photo: Ansa – newsby

If in the 80s and 90s she was famous for her thick cloud of very curly blonde hair, over time Nicole has had a series of transformations. Which, it must be said, has always liked fans. However, in recent years, he has always preferred to wear very straight hair, so much so that many have thought about his final farewell to frizzy hair. Shame, because that was kind of his hallmark in Hollywood. Recently, Nicole left everyone speechless with an unexpected and much appreciated return to her origins.

Nicole Kidman is curly again: the photo is a boom in likes

In a photo that appeared on Kidman’s Instagram profile, the actress showed herself with her husband Natural curly hair I managed to get everyone’s attention. Within a few minutes, the post was invaded by fans and there were many enthusiastic comments on the new look. However, there is still some disagreement with Nicole’s origins. Despite being very curly, the hair is still making an appearance today less “brutal” compared to the past. However, there is a small detail that definitely didn’t bother fans.

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Nicole with her curly hair. photo: Instagram – newsby

Nicole has always been very concerned about the health of her hair and it seems that in her beauty routine there is never a shortage of certain moisturizing and vegan and cruelty-free products that belong to the brand. vegamore. The vegan haircare brand named its ambassador, a choice due specifically to the fact that the actress uses Vegamour’s refreshing shampoo and conditioner often, as well as its hair serum (which contains ingredients like mung bean sprouts, curcumin, and red clover).

Vegamour is known for its hair thickening products and its mission is to make its customers’ hair healthier and stronger. Nicole especially loves that the entire Vegamour line is made with organically grown ingredients. “It wasn’t about being a face for the brand or selling products, it was about being a lifestyle advocate,” said the actress in a recent interview.

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