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Sony risks class action over PS Store prices –

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According to the latest video published by Hoeg Law, a channel that deals with the law applicable in the gaming environment, Sony may have to confront working class because of Monday Horizon Forbidden West Digital Standard Editionwho is present two different prices With essentially the same content, which may mislead consumers.

As noted above, there are currently two standard editions of Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation Store, both referring to “PS4 and PS5” as platforms. The contents are basically the same, but one costs 69.99 euros, and the other 79.99 euros. Later Sony tried to clarify, but it is still cumbersome for less knowledgeable users. If in doubt, know that the cheapest is from 69.99 euros for “PS4”, with the only difference that once you buy it, the download of the PS5 version will not start automatically and you will have to download it separately (we remind you that it is completely free).

In the final episode of the Virtual Legality series and in some statements submitted to VGC, attorney Richard Hoeg explained how this lack of clarity in the information provided in the PlayStation Store can be viewed Commercially misleading practice Thus it leads to a class action by the consumers.

“Things like ‘deceptive’ or ‘unfair’ practices always depend on the perspective you look at it from, so while I can personally say I think these kinds of things go overboard and look deceptive at first glance, I can’t guarantee that a regulator like the FTC ( FTC) or a judge would think the same way,” Hoeg told VGC.

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“However, as I explain in my video, you can look at what was shown on the PlayStation Store and believe that information about the material was intentionally obscured and/or obfuscated by Sony and if consumers knew they were playing Horizon on PS5 for $60 ( indicates a €69.99 version), many will buy this version instead of paying $70”

Hoegh says the FTC won’t take any action if one person sues Sony, because they have limited resources and other priorities. However, things will be different for one person working classThat is, if more plaintiffs join in a major lawsuit. In this sense, the requirements for a similar legal procedure all exist.

“I think this kind of thing might offer the potential for teamwork,” Hogg explains. “It wouldn’t be surprising to see a lawsuit from a law firm come out of a class action lawsuit or the like, even if it depends on the lawyers analyzing how much they can do.”

Finally, Hoeg explains that, if desired, Sony can solve the confusion created by the digital standard versions of Horizon Forbidden West in a very simple way.

“Practically, not legally, I would definitely advise Sony to change course on this. I suspect at least some of the issues arise due to their difficulties in transferring licenses between generations of consoles, but the simplest thing would be. Change the price of the PS5 version to $60 to match the PS4 version,” Hoeg explains.

We remind you that Horizon Forbidden West will be available from February 18, 2022. If you do not have it yet, we recommend that you read our review.

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