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Media Release: Scientology Narconon Fraud - New FBI and RCMP Files

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August 29-30, 2014, the FBI, RCMP, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, received information and a request for investigations into Scientology’s international mass-marketing fraud, and civil conspiracy. Hundreds of documents and numerous sworn Affidavits have now been directed to the aforementioned entities for review and analysis by investigators.

The Narconon network has scammed and defrauded countless victims out of hundreds of millions and continues to do so unchecked by many government and health agencies in the United States, and elsewhere. In some cases, it is alleged that authorities fear filing lawsuits or taking on any litigation proceedings against Scientology-Narconon.

By David Love Media Release (08/30/2014) - Scientology's drug rehab network, Narconon, is currently facing approximately 20 or more lawsuits in the USA for fraud, civil conspiracy, wrongful deaths, misrepresentation, illegal confinement, and numerous other acts that violate human rights and freedoms. In Canada, Scientology, Narconon, and executives are facing a lawsuit in the Montreal courthouse.

"Although Scientology executives vehemently deny that Narconon is part of the Scientology organization, evidence proves otherwise, and without a doubt, is a front group for Scientology. Scientology practices and doctrines are taught to Narconon patients without their consent or knowledge."

On April 9, 2012, Narconon Director of Legal Affairs spokesperson, Andre Ahern, stated to CBC News Canada, that, "…he is a Scientologist and that Narconon uses the teachings of Scientology in its program."


In 1993, the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and the United States Internal Revenue Service struck an agreement, under which the Church gained tax exemption for itself and its subsidiaries and in return paid $12.5m to cover the church's payroll, income and estate-tax bills for an undisclosed number of years prior to 1993, as well as discontinuing numerous lawsuits.

The terms of the agreement did not become public until four years later, when they were leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Form 1023 Statement which CSI had to submit to the IRS prior to the agreement:

"Narconon forms part of CSI's social betterment program."

WHO controls Narconon today?

When the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Scientology's Guardian's Office in 1977, in pursuit of the crimes which led eventually to the conviction of the GO's senior staff, it seized a huge quantity of confidential documents which revealed how the GO saw its relationship with Narconon.

"The papers show that Narconon was, in Scientology's own words, a front group."

Declaration of Mark Jones

I, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Jones, USMC (Ret) of Los Angeles, CA declare and say:

1. In or about 1971 I was approached by Arthur Maren who was the Assistant Guardian for Public Relations in the United States branch of the Guardian's Office of the Church of Scientology. Maren asked if I was willing to set up a Narconon office and establish programs under the direction of the Guardian Office. At this time, one Narconon program existed in the Arizona State Penitentiary and one was being established in the Cal. State Penitentiary at Vacaville by a member of the San Francisco Scientology Guardian Office. I agreed to do this and undertook to make Narconon an international drug rehabilitation agency on behalf of the Church of Scientology.

2. Throughout my period as director of Narconon, I reported to the Guardian's Office. Meetings were held at regular intervals at which the executives of the Guardian's Office determined the affairs of Narconon. All Narconon activities including the disposition of Narconon finances were approved by the Church of Scientology Assistant Guardian for Public Relations and the Assistant Guardian for Finance, Henning Heldt. From the time I became involved until I ultimately resigned, the Guardian Office controlled all directorships of Narconon, although Narconon was held out to be independent of the Church of Scientology.

3. In 1972 I received the Univ. of Southern Cal. Intrascience Award for my work as Director of Narconon.

4. In or about 1973, I was requested to travel to England by the Guardian's Office to assist the Deputy Guardian for Public Relations WW, David Gaiman for the Church of Scientology in recruiting and training personnel to help establish Narconon programs in Europe. I went to Europe and assisted in promoting and establishing programs in Europe.

5. Although it was publicly admitted that Narconon used the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, and was sponsored by the Church of Scientology, it's true relationship - i.e. that it was wholly controlled by the Church of Scientology, was never publicly admitted.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. - Executed this 10th day of February, 1995 in Los Angeles, Cal.

During Scientology's Guardian's Office reign of terror and paranoia, this cult infiltrated and stole from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members, in more than 30 countries. Following an investigation by the FBI, 11 high-ranking members of Scientology were indicted on 28 charges. One of the indicted was Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of Scientology's creator L. Ron Hubbard.

Five of the Scientologists were sentenced to four years in jail, with four of the convicted being taken immediately. Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of L. Ron Hubbard, was sentenced to five years. Each of the six faced a fine of $10,000.

Scientology's 'Guardian's Office' then morphed into the new 'Office of Special Affairs' or OSA - and in many aspects, nothing changed, only the name. Now OSA was in control over all operations and administration of their Narconon cash cows.

Scientology Controls Narconon Operations

In July, 2008, Director of Special Affairs (DSA), Jean Lariviere, in a 'RUSH-URGENT' email, contacted Sylvain Fournier, executive director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres - a 100 bed drug rehab in Quebec, Canada. In a lengthy email, Jean Lariviere advises and directs Sylvain Fournier to handle the government of Quebec and prevent new legislation from passing.

One notable quote from Scientology's, Jean Lariviere, states: "You were also supposed to let me know the results of those meetings so that I could assist with your writing a tailor-made handling or plan to handle the actual situation."

Unbeknown to Sylvain Fournier, there was a real threat to shut down Narconon Trois-Rivieres, but Fournier replied to Lariviere: "To my knowledge there is no more threat pending on top of Narconon Trois-Rivieres' head. I keep my eyes and ears open and talk with the Representatives of the Office of M.Proulx regularly. We will keep applying FLORISH AND PROSPER and the enemy will fall into apathy, just like M.Couillard giving his resignation from one of the most powerful post you can have at the Parliament !!! I will keep you updated on any future communication that I will have with M.Proulx's office, so that you are in the know."

Scientology dictator, David Miscavige, has promoted the expansion of Narconon in recorded speeches, and has personally visited Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. Yvette Shank (President of Scientology Canada and Director of OSA Canada), was at the Narconon Trois-Rivieres premises shortly before being shuttered by the Quebec government.

Narconon fills Scientology Coffers: - money flow, fraud, trickery, and death

Being a Scientology entity, Narconon drug rehab centers are designed and structured for bringing in untold millions each week/month, and to create a positive image for public relations, media. Also, Scientologists who donate 100's of millions because they believe Narconon is saving the planet from addiction is a core presentation at annual IAS meetings around the globe.

The Narconon promoted success rate of 70-90% is closer to the failure rate, and Scientology-Narconon has no controlled studies to prove their fraudulent claims. Some of their own executives agree it is a fraud.

At Narconon, most executive directors are Scientologist, and can earn $40,000.00 - $60,000.00 - with annual bonuses if production and stats are up. A Registrar who brings in new patients can earn up to $10-$15,000.00 per week at 5 new intakes paying a $30,000.00 program fee and 10% commission going to the Registrar.

One leaked document shows a $20,000.00 donation from Narconon Trois-Rivieres to Scientology in Montreal and more cash donations directly from the Narconon executives to Montreal. Other Narconon executives and staff would purchase Scientology auditing sessions in blocks of $10,000.00 for future use.

Indeed, rivers of money flow uplines into Scientology coffers when a Narconon center is doing well.

The International Association of Scientologists (IAS) plays an important role in funding and supporting Narconon. Contributing to the costs of litigation against Scientology's perceived enemies - the IAS maintains a "War Chest" for this purpose "so that the future of Scientology can be guaranteed without question" by "handling the suppression that threatens the future of this planet". Its targets have included governments, psychiatric organisations and even the police: its 1991 goals included the target Eradicate Interpol" and with the aim of eradicating psychiatry.

According to Narconon International, considerable amounts of money have been channeled to Narconon from the IAS. Narconon International itself have requested grants from the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) for specific Narconon needs.

Scientology-Narconon targets school children and families - raking in huge sums.

When a Narconon patient completes the program, they are encouraged to take the 'Field Staff Member' (FSM) course in the Narconon staff academy course room. Recruits are trained to bring in new patients by whatever means possible - even lying to get them in the door with a check in hand. In exchange, the new FSM receives a fat commission.

Other Narconon graduates are trained to go into public schools and give lectures on "The Truth About Drugs" - a Scientology-Narconon mis-mash of false, misleading, and potentially dangerous information lectured to young, impressionable children.

Children are taught the Scientology 'Tone Scale' and how drug residues and toxins are stored in fat cells. Both teachings are false.

Narconon staff is trained to lecture in schools for a few reasons. a) To build public relations in the community. b) Lecturing to numbers of school children creates a statistic of how many children reached that must be sent to Scientology each Thursday by 2:00PM sharp. c) These statistic numbers are relayed to IAS members who are encouraged to keep donating.

d) However, first and foremost are the huge sums of money that Narconon staff creates by giving lectures to class rooms or gymnasiums full of children. The average class room has approximately 30 children.

In today's society, not many homes, families, relatives, or friends are not touched by alcohol or drug addiction. Some Narconon staff has used a 5-10% minimum catch rate when giving lectures to children. This means that for every 30 children who took home "The Truth About Drugs" pamphlet with the toll free number on the back, 1.5 - 3 people need help and will call Narconon for help.

The writer, David Love, has witnessed the training of FSMs, and spoken to Narconon staff members who lectured at public schools.

A 5-10% rate of return may seem small to some, but when computed at $30,000.00 for each one, that sum for each lecture has the potential to bring in $45,000.00 - $90,000.00 for each one hour lecture of only 30 children. The Narconon staff member may lecture 2-4 classes per day or a gymnasium full of 200-400 children.

Many of these "The Truth About Drugs" pamphlets lay around on coffee tables or tacked to fridge doors - colourful and designed to deceive the unwary.

Scientology's drug rehab racket is like none other, and new Narconons are popping up with camouflaged names unlike the Narconon name now splashed across the internet as a dangerous and deadly scam.

In Canada, citizens, government, and health agencies have been successful in shutting down Scientology's Narconon for now. But in the United States it's a different story - a sad story of alleged corruption and fear.

Two days ago, Tony Ortega's 'Underground Bunker' published the following:


"An explosive lawsuit has been filed by a former Oklahoma state inspector general who says she was fired because, in part, she found evidence of illegal wrongdoing at Scientology's drug rehab that her bosses then told her to hide."


"Ms. Poff and Mr. DeLong determined that the Narconon facility violated numerous state laws and recommended to leadership that the facility be shut down." Her finalized report on the investigation was submitted by the fall of 2012.

But Poff alleges that her bosses attempted to "hide the findings" of her report by telling her to advise the department's board of directors that "the report and investigation was still pending."

Why? Because, Poff alleges, her bosses "buried the report, recommendations and findings of Ms. Poff & Mr. DeLong because the Department did not want to get involved in litigation involving the Church of Scientology."


"Specifically, Poff says she was investigating the 2011 death of Gabriel Graves and the 2012 deaths of Hillary Holten and Stacy Murphy when she "determined that Narconon violated numerous state laws and recommended that the facility be shut down by" the state.

She alleges that the leadership of the department "was afraid to take on Narconon in litigation because there is significant financial backing of the facility by the church of Scientology."

Here are the petitions [NOW UPDATED WITH EXHIBITS] - Published by Tony Ortega:

Numerous young victims have died inside USA Narconon drug rehab centers, yet the flag ship, Narconon Arrowhead where 3 deaths occurred is still in full operation.

The writer, David Love, hand delivered the same stack of evidence documents that helped shut down the 100 bed Narconon in Canada to Senator Ivester and Oklahoma's Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. To many, it should have been a slam-dunk, no brainer to shut down Narconon Arrowhead, but to no avail.

The Narconon drug rehab policies, administration, directives, and delivery of the program written by founder, L. Ron Hubbard, cannot be changed, altered or adjusted in any way whatsoever. For any executive or staff member to do so is a 'High Crime' in Scientology and severely punished. When Narconon Trois-Rivieres was confronted by the Quebec health agency to change, Narconon refused and was shut down soon thereafter.

In Quebec, Canada: "Of the fifty-five criteria required for certification, the Quebec Accreditation Council identified forty-six deficiencies, twenty-six of them considered high-risk. One of the procedures that represents a health risk is the sauna sweating sessions combined with massive doses of vitamins."

Narconon is a dangerous and deadly scam and fraud.

Following the closure of Narconon in Quebec, several staff went to media in Trois-Rivieres.

"Some of these cases weren't admissible to the program because it requires cutting off their medication. But the administration chose to keep them anyway. There were several instances of attempted suicide during the past few months. By law, immediate medical assistance should have been provided, but management decided to keep these persons without calling for an ambulance," says the former employee."

The Scientology drug rehab network, Narconon, has for years, been a harmful and deadly menace internationally with victims being conned to the United States, Canada, and other countries, by unscrupulous and greedy Registrars who will do or say anything to get the person and money in the door.

Scientology views the public as WOGS and RAW MEAT and when Narconon does have an occasional success - the graduate is recruited onto staff and called a 'Valuable Final Product' (VFP).

Scientology-Narconon is all business, stats, greed, and money, money, money - no caring, empathy, or compassion. In fact, these attributes score very low on L. Ron Hubbard's emotional 'Tone Scale'.

In Hubbard's own words, if one cannot be raised above 2.0 on the 'Tone Scale', is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow. Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale," stated L. Ron Hubbard, and being this low on the 'Tone Scale', where many addicts are, should not be permitted to live.

Many grieving families and loved ones are hoping that governments, health agencies, or the FBI and RCMP will investigate and act before more bodies are removed from Narconon to the morgue. In reality, it's only a matter of time before more victims succumb to Scientology's drug rehab quackery, and suffer from years of trauma, human rights abuses, and die inside Narconon.



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Author: Mary McConnell
Aug 30, 2014
Narconon is Scientology
Terrific article. You really did some good digging for this one!

Author: intelligence
Aug 31, 2014
Reply to Mary McConnell
Thank you for the kind words, Mary.

I'm still in the USA right now, as of August 31st, and I did have some wise help from an ex-Scientologist who assisted with some of the research and fact checking.

As with Quebec shutting down NN TR, the College of Physicians WIN, the Labour Board WIN, and the Human Rights Commission WIN, the 'Subject' issue/matter in this Story will be pushed by myself and others until positive results are seen and the public is safe from human rights abuses and dangerous/deadly drug rehab practices.

Author: john
Jan 30, 2019
Why is "it" still operating in Canada
Given the number of investigations, charges against Scientology in Canada. I don't understand how the RCPM can sit back, the media have made information public, backed up by real people and dead bodies.
It's time for reality to sink in.
The "church" has not received tax exemption in Canada. Okay someone must have taken a good look or maybe didn't get the pay off. I have been involved in many non profit organizations and the bottom line is the books must be open for the public to view. That applies to every company, charity interacting with the public, presenting information to the public, or providing a service to the public. A "church" that makes a profit on sick people is just wrong. A "church" that turns it's back on people and family... wrong. That is not a church... that is a virus

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