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Songbird, movie review with KJ Apa available on Prime Video :: Blog on Today

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It was released in cinemas last June, and has also been available to stream for some time on Prime Video The TweepThe film is produced by Michael Bay (disasterAnd transformers) in which he imagines a four-year pandemic lockdown.

Given the current moment – with a number of infected people they’ve never seen before, which fortunately, thanks to vaccines, fortunately don’t match the death record – it might be a good time to see it, especially if you’re forced to isolate the house with a lot of free time. Available.

If this advice seems to you at least inaccurate and alarming, we recommend that you read our review, starting with the synopsis of the film.

What tweeter is about

We’re in the year 2024, in Los Angeles looking deserted. It’s the effect of the four-year lockdown so far, in a desperate attempt to contain infection from the virus that is now called, in its modified version, Covid 23.

Practically everyone is forced not to leave the house, and not even open the windows in order to avoid any danger. Only the streets are roaming the military led by the Hygiene Department (our health ministry, more or less), with soldiers strictly equipped with gas masks going to find the infected and locking them up in quarantine areas from which they will not get out. Never again, the lucky few are immune to the virus.

Among the latter is Niko (KJ Apa, aka Archie of Riverdale), a bicycle courier on behalf of some sort of local Amazon, a Lister Company. Nico is “engaged” to Sarah, who lives with his grandmother in Latin America: the quotes are necessary because the two only saw each other through a phone screen or the front door that Nico once accidentally knocked on.

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Meanwhile, there is also a May story (Alexandra Daddario, was seen in real detective and recently in white lotus): an aspiring singer, hired shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic by a record company, but due to the closure, has had to make a living from singing online, soliciting donations from fans, including Michael Dozer, an ex-military man who collaborates with Lester .

The situation, already very difficult, quickly deteriorates one day because someone is injured, but to avoid spoilers, we stop here and invite you to watch Trailer for a movie From The Tweep.

Why are you watching Songbird (right now)

We said we didn’t want to spoil anything, so we wouldn’t quote the end of the movie or any details that could spoil the vision. But we also said this is the time to see The TweepAnd we have to explain why.

The point is, this is not a “classic” epidemiological movie. There is no progression of dark, bloody, or capable of generating anxiety even in delusional patients.

The TweepIn fact, it is not a pandemic movie, but a movie about love. not meaning Love in the time of the crownVery light Disney+ TV series, but in a traditional and cinematic sense. A movie about two people who love each other despite the distance (or distance) and do everything to be able to hug each other in true embrace.

In short, it is true that Songbird is talking about covid, and it is true that it was filmed in the summer of 2020, when the pandemic was still in its infancy. But a movie like this is timeless, and its story has universal meaning, regardless of viruses that have been a hero in our lives for two years now.

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For this, in our opinion, is the “best” time to see The Tweep: Because it reminds us, in just over an hour, that humanity has overcome much worse trials, and has always done so thanks to love.

Rating: 7.5

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