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“Vegetable shortages in Spain and Netherlands”

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While Spanish, Dutch and Belgian fruits and vegetables usually overlap in September, things are different this season. “In the Netherlands there is very little production, and in Spain the heat has affected the yield a lot. The weather has had an effect, for example, on the square pepper sizes,” says Henri Schackmann.

“Spanish suppliers are expecting good demand at the beginning of this season. Deliveries to European distribution centers have started early. They are trying to meet standard supermarket schedules. Not much for daily trade. This season, they are trying to meet standard supermarket schedules. Which customers offer some continuity in their purchases?” Spain will consider very carefully. They are on the market practically all year round with some products. And, partly because of the situation in the Netherlands and Belgium, this year they have to choose them. Customers “.

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“For Spain, September is usually a very difficult month to market cucumbers. This year prices are as high as last year. September was a good month to export Spanish cucumbers to the US. US and Canada always have very different prices from what we are used to. The current Euro/Dollar exchange rate is in the dollar area. making exports to countries particularly interesting”.

“The current increase in air cargo is beneficial for exports, while during the lockdown, there is almost no cargo space due to the lack of commercial flights. Shipping rates are also very favorable now. This has led to a good export flow. Same goes for cucumbers, square peppers,” says Henry. .

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“Dutch square pepper arrivals are declining much faster than usual this year. In Spain, in August, bad fruit delayed arrivals, resulting in higher prices. Dutch tomatoes, especially vine tomatoes, are there. Significantly reduced, after several years of decline, Farmers have planted a lot of tomatoes, but they only come to the market from late October to early November. So the prices are good. Morocco is becoming very important in this market, especially loose, cherry and datterini tomatoes “.

“In Spain, fewer eggplants have been planted. Although prices have reached a stable level of 13/14 euros in recent weeks, they have now fallen slightly, although demand is still good. Spanish and Dutch eggplants are also lower than this. The second half of the season is usually the best for Dutch eggplant prices, this time of year. Very good for the times,” says Henry.

“Overall, there is concern about how European retailers will fill their shelves. I expect supermarkets to think about which cues to have or not to have, by putting more effort into so-called products and promotions. But no one knows, I am very much. In winter. Excited to see what’s in store for us,” concludes Henry.

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