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Justice League, what would my Zack Snyder sequel be like? Here’s what we know

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James Gunn is building the new Justice League to the DCU reboot, but many fans are curious to know what he has to say Zack Snyder If he had continued and concluded his personal business Justice league trilogy.

If you stay looking out Powerful scenes from the Snyder Cut of Justice League And today you are still wondering how this story would have continued, you have come to the right place. Small premise: The following theme connects to a plot that was not previously developed for the first film Justice Leaguea subplot he sees Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne become lovers during Superman’s death. It’s obviously unknown how the story might develop once this premise is scrapped, given that the trilogy project was scrapped before any changes were made.

Anyway, here’s everything we know about her:

  • Justice League 2: in complement to Justice LeagueLex Luthor gathers his team of villains, and tracks down Dr. Poison, Captain Cold, Orm, Black Manta, and all the villains introduced in succession in the films. Wonder Woman, The Flash And the Aquaman. while, Superman must find a way to return to his life Naturally now Clark Kent is “dead” but things get complicated when he discovers Lois is pregnant. Meanwhile, in Gotham, Batman is on the trail of the Riddlerand discovers that Lex has approached him with the task of solving the Anti-Life Equation… which, of course, Nigma succeeds in doing: but rather than reveal what he has discovered, he commits suicide in front of the Dark Knight by shooting himself.
  • End of justice league: Also in the second movie, Lex manages to activate the Mother Boxes and plans to take the Anti-Life Equation for himself, but at that point Darkseid arrives on Earth, taking Lex’s power. Superman asks Batman to protect Lois (“His World”) and goes to fight his opponent, but Darkseid after his defeat refuses to kill him because he would rather subdue him and take him to his side: so Lex leads the alien invader to Lois, who in the meantime reveals to Bruce is the real father of the child with which she is pregnant. Darkseid kills Lois in front of a weakened Batman, and upon arriving on the scene, a despondent Superman falls under the control of Darkseid and the Anti-Life Equation. The Lex Team takes advantage of this by attacking other Justice League members on their worlds (Themyscira, Atlantis, etc.). Batman barely managed to save himself from Superman, but Lex was shattered by the Kryptonians who turned to the dark side. From here, the story jumps five years into the future, with Earth has become the famous Knightmare reality.
  • Justice League 3: The final chapter would have opened with the arrival of Green Lantern on Earth and the birth of the galactic superhero alliance with the remaining Justice League (essentially the team that can be seen in the final scene of the first Justice League, including Deathstroke and Mera). Heroes plan The Flash teleports back in time To have him leave a message for Bruce (similar to how Seen in Batman v Superman: that was revealed to be a failed time trip) but they only have one attempt and a very narrow window of time in which the Flash will be able to communicate with Bruce’s past. Everything goes down the drain when… The evil Superman attacks the group, killing everyoneincluding Batman (there would have been a re-enactment of their clash Batman v Supermanusing a ‘kryptonite spear’) but luckily, at the last second Flash manages to complete the task and go back to the past moments before it was captured by Clark.
  • Grand Final: Flash travels back in time to the scene of Lois’ murder, warns Batman of Darkseid’s impending attack, and Bruce manages to save his son’s mother this timeHowever, he stands between her and the alien’s deadly beam, which grievously wounds him. Superman, enraged by the fate of his comrade, finds the strength to defeat Darkseid and force him to retreat, and together the Justice League manage to stop Lex and his team after a massive pitched battle with the armies of Earth, the Amazons, the people of Atlantis and the Green Lantern Corps. in the end Darkseid is killed by Batmanwho now at the end of his life sacrifices himself for a coup d’├ętat after saying goodbye to Lois and predicting a life with her “outside the cave”.
  • After 20 years: The epilogue, set twenty years later, would have shown a Utopian Earth finally at peace with Wonder Woman’s leader of the Amazons, Aquaman’s leader of Atlantis and Cyborg evolving into a true omnipresent ‘god’ living in the Digital Stream. Some details are unknown (eg we don’t know what happened to Lex, nor what happened to Flash) however Superman and Lois are husband and wife, and Clark is raising son Bruce As his own: On the day of the twentieth anniversary of Batman’s sacrifice, they reveal to the boy his true father, and the final scene of the film shows the young man dressed as Batman and kissing him. Parental legacy, with a new dark knight in Gotham City.

you knew Triple detail Justice League by Zack Snyder? In your opinion, what direction will the new Justice League led by James Gunn take? Tell us in the comments!

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