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France 2022 direct elections | Macron re-election, Draghi: “Great news” –

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from Chiara Severgnini, Greta Sklonich and an online editorial

About 48.7 million voters were called to the polls to choose between outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Emmanuel Macron It was Re-elected to the Elysee: forecast (at 20.45) gives it 58.2%; Marine Le Pen It stopped at 41.8%.
• The outgoing president was favored for a second term, but never before far right I have approached a possible election in the Elysee.
• Election results, in each district, in interactive map

21:10 – Zemmour: Let’s build the right-wing alliance

The right should unite in light of the legislative elections next June: This is the call that I am making Eric Zemmoura former debater and far-right candidate in the first round of the presidential election, commented on the poll results.

He said: “Two blocs are being formed, the Macron and Melenchon bloc. The national bloc must meet. Our responsibility is great. I appeal to the National Union in the light of the legislative elections: we must forget our differences and join forces. Let’s build the first coalition between the Right and the Patriots as quickly as possible ». to me “College” right Marine Le PenLeader of the National Assembly.

20:46 – Draghi: “Macron’s victory is great news for all of Europe”

“victory Emmanuel Macron The French presidential election is great news for all of Europe: these are the words of Prime Minister Mario Draghi commenting on the re-election of the French president, stressing that “Italy and France are committed side by side, together.” Together with all other partners, in order to build a stronger, more cohesive and fairer European Union, able to be the protagonist in overcoming the challenges of our time, starting with war in ukraine“My warmest congratulations from the Italian government and my personal congratulations to President Macron,” adds Draghi.

20:41 – What does Macron’s victory mean

(Aldo Cazullo) France, which chose Emmanuel Macron, is once again more divided than ever. Paris cheers him up loudly. Had the vote been based on the French capital, he would have received 90 per cent of the vote and not 58. On the contrary, the French suburbs would have led their opponent Marine Le Pen to victory. The social division is troubling, and what concerns the President is a difficult task: the question is not only French, the war irritates the minds and anti-Europeanism is rampant. Read the full article here.

8:30pm – Le Pen: “I will never abandon the French”

The great winds of freedom could have blown over the country. The fate of the funds was decided otherwise.” This was stated by Marine Le Pen, commenting on the results of the French presidential elections. Speaking of his score, Le Pen spoke more than 42% of a “resounding victory”. “I will begin the great battle of the legislatures tonight,” he declared, addressing his supporters assembled at the headquarters in Bois de Boulogne. For legislatures in June, which must renew Parliament, Le Pen launched an “appeal to all those who want to join us in opposing Macron’s policy”. Le Pen concluded his speech with a promise: “I will not abandon the French.”

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20:14 – Macron re-elected president

outgoing president Emmanuel Macron He was elected President of France for the second consecutive term. His rival, Marine Le Pen, conceded defeat, claiming that he nevertheless achieved an important result: “With more than 43% of the vote, the result was a resounding victory for himself,” he said. In the meantime, the first congratulations arrive for the re-elected president. “Warm bravo, my dear Emmanuel Macron. In this turbulent period, we need a strong Europe and France fully committed to a more sovereign and strategic European Union. We can count on France for another 5 years,” EU Council President Charles Michel tweeted.

20:00 – First performances: Macron ahead of Le Pen

According to the first predictions released a few seconds after polling stations closed in major cities, Macron is between 57.6 and 58.2%. Le Pen does not exceed 42.0%. Cries of victory were raised at the headquarters of the Electoral Commission of the outgoing president.

19:44 – The last minutes of waiting for the candidates

The far-right candidate in the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen, I arrived at Pavillon Arminonville, near Paris, to follow the results of the poll. A crowd of journalists was waiting for her. Meanwhile, in Campo de Marte – the location of his choice Macron On election night – hundreds of supporters have already arrived: waving the flags of France and the European Union, they gather in front of the platform erected in the middle of the gardens.

7:39 pm – Revealing the results of the outer regions: a journalistic error during the French live TV broadcast

A gaffe of a French journalist who revealed in advance during a live broadcast on the fully French news channel “LCI” the results in the French overseas territories that, according to Belgian media, will see the candidate of the National Rally Marine Le Pen in command. “If we rely on Dom-Tom’s results, there will be a big vote for Marine Le Pen,” Zaffran said before being interrupted by the French channel hosts who tried to correct the error. The controversy has already started on social media in France.

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7:22 p.m. – Most polling stations closed, big cities still standing

A few minutes ago, at seven in the evening, most polling stations for the French presidential elections closed their doors. Seats in major cities such as Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice are still open until 8pm. This morning they all opened at 8.

6:36 pm – Belgian media: in four polls for Macron between 55% and 58%

Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron’s lead in the lead is confirmed in recent polls by the main French polling companies: his advantage range is between 55% and 58% of the vote. This is what we read in the French-speaking Belgian press, which is authorized to publish opinion polls even at the stage of electoral silence: the contestant Marine Le Pen will collect between 42 and 45% of the vote.

6:27 pm – US Embassy: Risk of unrest after the elections

The US Embassy in France warns of possible “risks of terrorism and unrest”, as well as possible “violent demonstrations”, starting at 20 pm today, immediately after the announcement of the presidential election result. “Spontaneous demonstrations in major French cities after eight in the evening can turn violent,” the memorandum said. Therefore, the embassy called on its citizens to avoid the demonstration sites. Among those reported are in Lyon and the other planned in the station square in Strasbourg.

18:03 – Where Macron and Le Pen will celebrate, if they win

Where do we celebrate victory, after all? Each candidate in the second round had to request it in a timely manner, so that he could plan the travel and logistics in the best possible way. So we already know which targets will be chosen Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen. The outgoing president plans to speak in Paris at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. In 2017, Macron actually wanted to speak under the symbolic monument to Ville Lumiere, but in the end he had to make a victory speech from the pyramid of the Louvre, after the metropolitan city refused to accept his request. On the other hand, his rival planned to get to the thirteen buses of his campaign in Boulogne and then rendezvous with the caravan in Paris. He emphasized that “the idea is that the thirteen buses represent a French region and that they follow Le Pen’s car according to a planned route around the main Parisian monuments and thus the French monuments of the capital.” Franceinfo An executive officer in the National Assembly.

17:01 – turnout at 17.00

At 5 p.m., turnout was 63.23%, down from first round (When 65% of the electorate voted at the same time): This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior. In 2017, meanwhile, the turnout was slightly higher, to be exact at 65.30%.

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According to a survey just prepared by Elabe for BFMTV And Expressthe second round of the French presidential election could have a 28% abstention: if predictions turn out to be correct, it will be the highest abstention since 1969.

15:22 – The importance of weather

Who will win the elections? The answer to this question may be influenced by the weather. Opinion polls seem unanimous to point out the clear advantage for the outgoing president: it has been given between 42.5% (Ipsos) and 47 (Odoxa), 45 for Ifop and 44.5 for Elabe.

The only danger to Macron Represented by abstention. And this is the place, As explained by Aldo CazulloThe weather can make a difference: “Today it rains on the cities of the northwest and the southwest reservoir of Macron: old people in Brest, Rennes, Bordeaux and Toulouse can be urged to stay indoors.”

2:00 p.m. – Le Pen: “I am calm, I trust the French”

“I am calm, I have confidence in the French people.” She seemed calm and confident Marine Le Penthe candidate of the National Rally for the presidential election, while voting at her college in Henin-Beaumont, in northern France, where she spared many selfies with her supporters.

13:12 – Macron crowds into Le Touquet . seat

outgoing French president, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife Brigitte voted simultaneously at their polling station in Le Touquet, northern France, in the same province (Pas de Calais) where his opponent, Marine Le Pen, had already voted. On leaving his home and arriving at the polling station, Macron, accompanied by Brigitte and surrounded by dozens of cameras, allowed hundreds of supporters who greeted him to shake his hand, hug him, kiss him and take selfies next to him.

12:04 p.m. – Voter turnout is 26.4%.

At 12 the turnout was 26.41%, lower than the 2017 ballot, when 28.23% of eligible voters voted at the same time. That’s two points lower than in the 2017 ballot, but also one point more than two weeks ago, on the occasion of the first round of elections, when was 25.48%.

11:15 a.m. – Le Pen votes at Henin Beaumont polling station

Marine Le Pen, the caucus candidate for the presidential election, voted at her college in Henin-Beaumont, northern France, around 11 a.m., French media reported.

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