Home sport Calcio Icelenza: a mockery in the full recovery of FBC Saronno, with a knockout against Cestese

Calcio Icelenza: a mockery in the full recovery of FBC Saronno, with a knockout against Cestese

Calcio Icelenza: a mockery in the full recovery of FBC Saronno, with a knockout against Cestese

Saronno – On the twenty-third day of the Essenza tournament, in the first group, Fbc Saronno hosts Sestese Calcio at home In a balanced match, but they won in the final over the visitors, who got the three points with a score 0 to 1.

On ilSaronno photo gallery of the match by Andrea Illy.

Calcio Eccellenza, photo gallery of the match between Fbc Saronno and Sestese Calcio

Interviews with Fbc Saronno's sporting director, Ivan Zampaglione.

Calcio Iselenza, Saronno Sestesi interview with Zampaglioni: “We are very sorry, but let's move forward”

And to the coach of Cestese, Pierluigi Gennari.

Calcio Iselenza, Fbc Saronno-Sestese interview with Gennari: “Victory restores confidence in our capabilities”

News – Nila The first half of the match to'Fbc Saronno approached the game very well and had a chance in the first minute with Proserpio Which collects Rudy E's low cross Eurogoal tries with his heelsBut the ball settled at the bottom. In the 34th minute, another good move from Rudy, who dribbles past the opponent's full-back and finds Bontigia in the middle, which allows the left-footed player to go, but he is weak because of Ferrara's gloves. In the 36th minute, Al-Washaj shot a powerful ball from afar, which passed the crossbar by a few centimetres.

In the the other half Sestese appears in the Biancoceleste area with Galli restarting Rancati's serve, a double step and a shot from the number 9, blocked by Ruggeri for a corner kick. In the 70th minute, a very important opportunity for the visitors came from a Mazzucchelli attackThe home defense left him alone, but he surprisingly failed to find the target. FBC Saronno immediately responds with a double chance at the feet of Sala and PontegaWith the first hit on the post and on the rebound, Biancocelesti fired ten powerful kicks that found the defensive wall. In the 84th minute, Sestese's counterattack ended with a dangerous shot by Galli, which decisively collided with Bello. The insult to Fbc comes in the 94th minute with a cross from Oteni Nnanja, which, in the clash, finds the opportunity for Marconi, who shoots the ball from a few steps away, and makes the fans in the Sisisi stands explode with joy.

With this defeat, Saronno remained stuck at 35 points, while Cestise’s tally rose to 25 points.

Play-by-play commentary is also on ilSaronno.

Calcio Iselenza, Fbc Saronno-Sestese live


FBC Saronno Sistese 0-1
FBC Saronno (3-5-2): Tocci; Ruggeri, Bello, Al-Washaj; D'Onofrio, Sala, Di Noto, Proserpio, Rudy (20 min. Zucchetti); Boulogne (16, Via Sardou), Pontegaia. Vinci, Lorusso, Prozone, Meroni, Mal Winter, Ferrari, Martini are available. All. Tricarico.
Cestise (4-3-1-2): Ferrara; Marconi, della Volpe, Longhi, Battistella (2' Mazzucchelli); Pagliaro (33' St. Ciano), Paltrinieri, Vecchiarelli; Galle (41 Costantini Street); Pinotti (25' Otili Street Nnanga), Rancati (33' Muhaimer Street). Cherchi, Priori, Macchi and Giardino are available. All. Gynari.
Referee: Zambelli from Lodi (Bergamache from Bergamo and Harwood from Chiari).
Scorer: Marconi (Se) 48'.
Notes – Spectators 150. Corners 8-5 Sesto. Proserpio, Di Noto, Lunghi, Ruggeri and Otele are booked. Recovery 1'-4'.


Saturday Advance: Caronese-Pavia 2-2; Sunday Accademia Pavese-Base 96 Seveso 0-3, Calvairate-Meda 5-0, Castanese-Oltrepò 0-0, Fbc Saronno-Sestese 0-1, Magenta-Solbiatese 4-1, Verbano-Ardor Lazzate 4-1, Accademia Vittuone – Casteggio 1-6, Milanese-Vergiazzi 0-0.


Magenta and Pavia 47 points, Oltrepo 44, Calvairat 41, Solpiates and FC Milanese 40, Casteggio and Caronese 37, Pace 96 Seveso and Ardor Lazzatti 36, FBC Saronno 35, Cestese and Castanese 25, Accademia Pavese 20, Meda 19, Vergiazzi and Verbano. 18, Accademia Vetone 5.



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