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Canada, surprised: ‘We haven’t found the rhythm’

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The practically unthinkable happened earlier in the day, as Team Canada (winners of four of the last five editions) became the first team to be eliminated from the Spengler Cup, following a 3-1 loss to Örebro. After the Swedes took a 2-0 lead with Berglund and Oberg, DiDomenico’s goal reignited the flames of hope, but Brom closed the accounts with an empty net.

Brett Connolly explains the feelings of the Canadians after the loss: “They were clearly not the best, I expected nothing at the beginning of the match, but for many reasons we never found our rhythm and scored in the key moments. However, I think we have a good team, but in a match like this You have to start coming out now and we didn’t do that. We have to thank the opposition who played very well beyond the disappointment.”

Canada The team probably did not find a way to address the lack of knowledge among the various members of the group: «It was also a unique experience for us Canadians, coming from the Swiss championship, others from the Ahl; There was a commitment from everyone, but it wasn’t our moment. It was a disappointing moment, but we made a good team, it was an enriching experience in which we played well and I was able to meet many new teammates».

On the other hand, it was an opportunity to spend a few days with family, as well as with teammates Carr and Bennett: “My three-month-old daughter and my wife two-year-old son, it was a special moment, and it was nice to share this experience with them during Christmas. With Carr I played practically every shift of the match and we were a very effective line-up, it was easy to have familiar faces in a new team, even Chris always gave his best when called upon».

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The Lugano striker, the author of his team’s first three goals (and awarded the top 3 of the Canadian tournament), has nothing to blame himself: “It’s not our week, we have a lot of players who know how to score goals. But we don’t have the right regeneration and as a result a little confidence. No.”

Now my mind is already turning to 2 January and the Juventus match against Lausanne: “I wanted to play today and tomorrow, but we have to face twenty more games, which will be important and we want to finish the season well. , we have many good players in the team, but this We must believe the truth more fully.

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