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Metaverse, Phil Spencer does not see benefits for users, but only for businesses –

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Phil Spencer Not too excited about the concept metaversowho does not see it Benefits For users, but only for companies that promote it as the future. On this point, he was very clear in an interview with Protocol, where he touched on various topics.

Spencer: “We leaders spend a lot of time getting together to discuss what we know about this topic and how to bring the different technological foundations together. But I’m basically wondering why Microsoft? That is, what good is it for players in this metaverse that everyone is talking about? And for creators? I think it’s easier for most tech companies to describe why the metaverse is good for their business. But, to use my video game vocabulary again, if we put the players in the center and try to create an ecosystem that meets their needs and the needs of the creators, the dynamic platforms will take off.

Spencer raised a important point. When it comes to metaverse, companies seem unconcerned about what the user experience will be. Most of the presentations tell us that virtual lands and objects will be able to be bought and sold, that companies will be able to sell their products directly in the metaverse, that NFTs will be centralized, that business meetings will be more beautiful and that they can be exploited. .

but for players? Apart from tacit exploitation? There is talk of transferable things between different games, of earning by playing with things of real value and… that’s it. Little bit to convince the masses to trade reality for virtual reality.

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For Spencer, the best approach, the real metaverse, is to be able to play on any platform you want, which if you want is also the closest UX system.

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