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Empty checking account, big risk: How to protect yourself from electronic fraud

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The checking account is still in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. There is a new serious scam raging and the risk for account holders is to find themselves without cash.

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I account holders They are the preferred victims of cyber scammers. Track phishing and phishing attempts one by one Many citizens fall into traps. Become the plans of cybercriminals More and more detailed The ability to distinguish between real and hoax communications is very complex. The year 2022 began precisely with an attempt at a sneaky and somewhat formidable deception. Credit institutions report the risk to their customers especially to those who use ATMs and credit cards very often.

Fake policies and scam alerts: This is how they give us fake insurance

Current account, the first scam in 2022

Hackers created one Serious scam Which affects the account holders after making Buying an ATM or credit card. Thus, the potential victims are multiple given that restrictions on the use of cash imposed by the government are driving an increasing percentage of citizens to use traceable means of payment. Looks like the first scam in 2022 SMS , Sending a text message that at first glance looks like a common control message for the purchase just made. In fact, it is a fake text message that can drain your account.

False scam, the law invalidates the smart: that’s what you risk

Appearances can be deceiving, and the message seems to come from Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. In fact, the number appears to be identical to what the lender is using Send operating codes to customers. The content of the text message is intended to frighten the recipient. In fact, it warns of Trying to use the card from another device. Thus, a scam is based on the fear of a possible scam to achieve sinister purposes.

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How to recognize attempted phishing

Blank bank account scam text message invite recipient To click a link To check the transaction made using an ATM or credit card. By clicking on the address – which you should never do – you will be redirected to a page similar to the home page of the credit institution and you You will receive a phone call For a dummy operator whose job is to solve the problem with testimonials provided by the client.

Never provide this type of information over the phone, via text message or email. These are scams set up by cybercriminals to easily gain access to checking account and empty it.

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