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Wire Service Media Website How To

Wire Service Media Website How To



How do I submit a press release for publication?

You can submit a press release for publication after registering for a free user account. After you have registered and logged into the website, you can submit a press release.

Please be aware that all press releases are vetted to basic standards. All submissions must meet basic press release content requirements and our terms of service. If you are unsure how to write a press release, see our guide to learn - how to write a basic press release.

If your press material contains an event, you can also list* your event in media! Events Calendar. *This requires a separate user account.

How do I get the most out of my press releases?

To get the most from your press release submissions:

1 - always leave full and complete contact details. News agencies and interested customers are far more likely to react to your press release if all contact details are ready and waiting. Include a full contact name, address, telephone number and your Internet details such as website URL and email address.

2 - Submit often - people like fresh news.

3 - Once we have published your press release try to link to it from another website. What this does is show the search engines that the content is getting votes (links) and thus is important. This gives more Internet weight on searches to your press release publication and makes it much more likely to be found by Internet searchers.

4 - Social sites and related bookmarking websites like Twitter and Facebook offer more places for you to highlight your published press release. Utilize the social bookmarking tools we make available with your published press release.

The more links you create on different websites will also help - but don't spam!

Who can submit free press releases?

Wire Service is a free service for all registered users.

Wire Service was created to help small businesses, community groups, startups, and others reach a larger market without busting your advertising and marketing budgets. Your press release will not only be indexed in the search engines, it is distributed daily/weekly to news agencies, bloggers, freelancers and writers. Various web-based news feeds like Google News also carry our press release feeds.

Can you edit the press release you submit?

Use the contact link to request a change/correction. Note the exact url of the published press release.

Please understand as per our Terms of Use we make no guarantee that your corrections will be conducted once your press release has been published.

If your press release submission has not yet been published/distributed, just submit a second one - we'll see that there is two and publish the second one.

Do you have an RSS feed for your press release service?

You can find our complete RSS feed at:

You can also subscribe to individual category RSS feeds at:

Why was my press release not published?

To ensure the quality of our press release service for all those involved we will only publish press release material that meets basic news wire standards. This includes the content of the release - for example we will not publish anything that may be illegal in Canada. Your press release must also include contact information.

As well please take note that we will not publish press release material that has been published numerous times before. This is not an article directory or a free-for-all type website that will publish anything that is submitted. There is no gain in submitting the same material to numerous sources. Internet search engines and news agencies will only index/publish/take notice of the first publication.

If you submit to Wire Service Canada original material it will be published as long as it meets our other requirements. If you submit the same material to other sources many hours or days before here it will not be published/distributed via our service.

Please have some patience once you submit - we offer this as a free service and try our best to review and publish material as quickly as possible. So if your material doesn't appear right away, please be aware that we are notified immediately on each submission and are striving to get to your press release as soon as possible.

I can't log in to my account - I have forgotten my password.

If you have forgotten your password use the password reminder function. It will send a new password to the registered email address for your account. Find this function here
Reset password.

Follow the instructions in the email to reset your account password.

How do I create a website link from my press release text?

To create a hyperlink in your text copy use the style editing tools on the press release submission form. Be sure to include http://

My Business/Website Isn't Canadian - Can I Use Your Service?

Of course! While we target the North American market this is still an Internet press release. Submitting via our service will get your press release onto all the leading Internet news agencies and websites across the globe.

We recommend fashioning your press release if you are based outside of North America - for the North American market. Think about who/what/where/why residents and news agencies from North America will find of value from your press release. Once you have answered that question target that in your press release.

Assuming we submit different press releases each time, how many times are we allowed to submit press releases?

You can submit as many press releases as you like. There are no limits and submitting your press release material often is always a good idea.

Puis-je soumettre des communiqués de presse en français?

Oui, vous pouvez soumettre des communiqués de presse en français.

How long does it take after submitting the press release?

All submitted media material is held for an editor in the order it is received. As a free service we make no guarantee on publishing times but we strive for one hour or less for all material that meet our terms of service.

Is there a delay after I submit my press release before I can see it online?

All submitted material is first checked by an editor to ensure it meets our terms of service before it is distributed/published via our service. All material is checked in the order it is received.

How do I know if my press release was published?

All press releases that meet our terms of service are published on our main website.

If your press release was not accepted you will receive an email from an editor with a reason why.

How can you retract or edit a press release?

To have a press release removed or edited you will need to use the Contact Form and tell us which press release you want edited or removed and the reason for doing so.

You may need to confirm account ownership before any material is edited or removed.

How do I insert an image beside the text of press release?

You can add images to your press release by using the styling tools found on the submission form. The 'insert' image tool allows you to set the alignment. This can be found under the headings - layout/alignment. You can set the image to align left or right of any text entry.

What is the difference between a press release and a media release on your platform?

There is no difference when it comes to the distribution of your press material. We use them for internal tracking purposes.

I want to release an English and a French version of my press release. Do have to perform two separate releases?

It's your choice. You can submit them separately or as one single press release. We do recommend submitting as separate releases as it helps with distribution and pickup by news aggregators, rss feeds etc.

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