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Counselor Maras intervenes in the pharmacy of SPAZIO in Aurelia Antica

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“To give a broad view of the work of controlling the prices of masks.” Saturday January 15, 3:30 p.m., at the Spazio Parapharmacy, at the Conad Aurelia Antica.

Grosseto: On Saturday January 15th, at 3.30 pm, at the SPAZIO Conad Parapharmacy in Aurelia Antica will intervene Leonard Maras, A regional consultant for productive activities and the economy to give a broad view of the very important measure to control the prices of FFP2 masks and tampons, promoted by Conad Grosseto.

Marco Babalini, owner of PRAMAM, will also be present. Conad Grosseto acted immediately after the new wave of infections to make his contribution to the fight against COVID-19. It did so by standing by the citizens with a commitment aimed at ensuring the availability of health protection devices required by the government at low prices. She succeeded by allying herself with a local company, Pramam di Arcidosso.

And so in all Conad stores in Grosseto and Orbetello where the FFP2 masks were already on sale at competitive prices of 45 cents each, as of January 11, they became available at an additional tight price of 39 cents each in packages of 20 pieces for a total of €. 7.80.

Pramam di Arcidosso has entered the personal health protection market with the ffp2 mask that protects the wearer by ensuring particulate filtration greater than 99% and ventilation greater than 1.5 mbar when exhaled with a flow of 160 l/min.

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