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PlayStation publishes holiday post on game, users ask again about PS5 remake –

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PlayStation UK, one of the Japanese company’s various regional files, posted on Twitter New holiday “puzzle”. Every day they post a picture and ask their fans to guess what it is: today is their turn bloodborne, as any fan will be able to find out in an instant. Obviously, users did not miss the opportunity to order a file Remakes/remasters for PS5.

As you can see below, PlayStation UK has released an excerpt from Picture of the dark monster Barl, a non-mandatory boss that can be found in the main game at Yahar’gul The Invisible Village. It is a large beast consisting mostly of bones, fur and above all electricity which it uses to attack. It’s easy to identify the creature, if you’ve played Bloodborne, even just from this picture.

Instead of answering like this, many users decided to have a little fun and said things like “It’s that game you have to play Remastered for PS5’, or ‘Bloodborne for PC confirmed! or “Please, PlayStation, don’t let us down and make Bloodborne 2 for PS5.”

The feedback is now clear Someone is commenting on the feedbackSay, for example, “Every time you tweet about this game, it sends someone into a tizzy.” Bloodborne, after so long, still has that effect.

We don’t have access to updated sales data for Bloodborne, but it’s pretty reliable that it’s one of the lowest selling fandoms out there. The success of Elden Ring is clearly on another planet, both because it’s a cross-platform game and because Bloodborne came at a time when the genre wasn’t as popular as it is today.

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In recent days there has been talk of the fact that Bluepoint Games has something in development. For some time, fans have been hoping that after the Demon’s Souls remake, it’ll be the Bloodborne Remake, although apparently it could be something completely different, perhaps even a new IP. What do you hope?

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