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“A shoulder from a drama movie, a strange character with an inner drama. Mo Ero Western”

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Today’s edition of The Morning publishes a long interview with director Enrico Vanzina, in which he compares coaches from Naples and Rome with the heroes of fictional films.

Today’s edition of morning She publishes a long interview with the director Enrico VanzinaWhere he compared coaches from Naples and Rome to the heroes of fictional films

Interview with Vanzina

Let’s start here: Do you see them well together in the same group? “They are lonely characters. It is better to give everyone their own space.”

For reasons of faith, let’s start with Mourinho? A necessary introduction: I love him madly. Because it fills the void of everything else. It is football. He is able to give that much more than the technical aspect. He is a theatrical animal.

And in a movie? “I see him as a character from the West. Because he comes alone to set things right.”

But he said: Not with Spalletti… “No. To stay on the Western theme: they can’t do ‘Trinity’ together”.

Why Spalletti of any kind? “He does less than Mourinho. And here I see it more clearly in something dramatic.”

Because? “He’s an odd character because he also has quite a bit of inner drama that he doesn’t stand out. He gives himself to the audience less despite being as smart as Mo.”

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