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Germany and Switzerland humiliate environmentalists: “Stop electric cars”

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Environmentalists earthquake in Greta: Some EU countries (and others) have moved in the opposite direction and opposite to incentive policy for electric cars. Around Switzerland, Sweden and GermanyIn the morning, bills were put forward aimed at obstructing the movement of these vehicles and suspending their allowances.

It was Bern that applied the most “extreme” measures. In fact, the Federal Council has proposed new provisions with regard to ban hybrid vehicles, With the exception of medical and practical cases, the only cases in which electric circulation is permitted. The main reason will be precisely the energy crisis that our continent is facing, with the aim of the Swiss government to reduce energy consumption as much as possible to deal with the arrival of the coldest months of the year.

Sweden, on the other hand, decided so Eliminate 2018 eco-bonusWhich provided for the possibility of obtaining an incentive of up to 7 thousand euros for everyone who bought a hybrid car. The same orientation as in Berlin, where the Scholz government has already set a date after which these benefits will no longer be paid: January 1, 2023.

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These measures are in stark contrast to the policy that Brussels leaders have taken in recent months. As you remember, in fact, the European Union decided to cancel petrol and diesel cars, and put A driving ban will take effect from 2035. A boon to the Chinese economy, at least in two essential ways.

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On the other hand, some European countries (see Italy) are completely unable to support such a radical ecological transition. No Pnrr stands firm: our country remains light years away from a green Germany, and a radical environmental policy risks causing not only harm, but also great insult, given the fact that Italy (and the European Union) Excellence in the global auto market. On the other hand, there is a Chinese powerhouse that is still racing in this sector as well. As it happens, Beijing is betting on the hybrid car to extend its tentacles into the global economy.

In short, with the ban on the circulation of petrol and diesel cars from 2035, Brussels has literally come to an end Handing over the house keys to Xi Jinping’s regime, Already thanks to the development of the Silk Road project and many German desires towards the dragon. However, under Berlin at least, the energy crisis threatens to change the scenario. And who knows if this move will also affect button rooms in Brussels.

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