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Avatar: The Way of Water, Trailer You Haven’t Seen Yet | Cinema

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heads up to Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness (Exclusive in cinemas for a week, then it will also officially arrive online) The first teaser from Avatar: Water Road, scheduled for release in December, thirteen years after the first film. We’ve also seen it in the film’s press preview and with a lot of 3D glasses, which is kind of the point of everything. Or at least what’s left.

The impression we had, in fact, is that of a network of impeccable technology which, however, is not light years ahead of others, and therefore is incapable of showing what others cannot, and what remains is a story of who. Savages vs. Civilized. It was also what made the first movie animated but from that teaser trailer I came away with a strong feeling that’s the point of the sequel, which is now epic.

We see images of life on Pandora, more complex and richer than those of 2009, but there is clearly nothing more wonderful than the many wonderful worlds we know from contemporary cinema. If anything, everything here seems to be seen as a file Animation movie. Other than the realism that remains, in fact, there is a use of expressive and unrealistic colors. Water is the deciding ingredient right from the title, so light blue (also in Na’vi skin) is the dominant color in a pretty clear color palette. It almost looks like Oceania: It’s meant as a compliment, of course. Nice to see. But it may not be enough.

The teaser introduces more creatures, more birds to ride, works against nature/weapons, shows more Na’vi, armies, spaceships, battles and love in caves or deep in the jungle. As befits teasers, there is no hint of plot but more than anything else it is a mood board with scenes in it, it works on the sensations that Avatar: Water Road He wants to evoke, and no one is surprised that the main element is the exotic, the distant world, the exploration of a place that in our eyes is a triumph of wild nature and in which the Na’vi live perfectly integrated. We understand this from the happiness and excitement of getting in and out of the water to ride the big birds.

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So, waiting for you to instead be surprised by a thrilling plot that no longer (as the original movie did) references to WOW’s impact of technological progress but also to something meaningful, it must be admitted that there is an arrow in its bow (excuse the metaphor) Avatar: Water Road He still has it. Which is least expected: Three-dimensional.

Put your 3D glasses back on after years and watch a movie in depth done right, movie Really immersive And that he knows how to work on the spaces, rather than just removing all the backgrounds, it feels great. He’s lost in 3D: we haven’t discovered it today, he hasn’t succeeded in establishing himself, and in the grand scheme of things he can be remembered as an effective ploy to persuade movie theaters to digitize themselves, that is, to buy digital projectors for higher-priced shows. There are too many films that have used it very poorly, and very little interest from filmmakers in technology (who like Wim Wenders He was passionate about creating beautiful things) and a great way to make a lot of money in a short time.

Instead for a moment watch this short joke 3D rediscovered its meaning. If it is really Avatar: Water Road It’s going to be a movie that puts a lot of emphasis on the weird and exploring a wonderful world made as if it were real, and then doing it that way with an interest in the third dimension suddenly gains a huge feel and could really be a movie that’s not only talking about savages against civilization but also about the relationship we have with places , and about the fascination with lost worlds and wizards, and cinema as a machine for travel and movement, living in wonderful places and then returning to the city two years later. Hours. Or more likely a little over two hours.

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